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Casey Bishop Fan Thread

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Please add me. I run a fan page for Casey on IG Casey_Bishop_Fans please feel free to follow. 

But we must vote for her like crazy this week she can not leave she is insanely talented we have to vote none stop for both of her performances  I think she could have a huge fanbase sonewhere

Casey's billie eilish cover is amazing https://youtu.be/a21AhA051cM  

She's also my frontrunner.


But remember too that the best ones almost always never win Idol.







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Girl Casey came to slay, please do add me!!


Her Decode performance was just straight up FIRE. Her duet too !! definitely became my favorite from the girls this season, love her! ❤️ 

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She is increasing the fastest on Youtube and should pass Willie for the highest viewed video soon. I would know cause I've watched it like 30 times 🥴

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For comparison only... :P 




I'm wondering if Casey heard this version? I'm not saying this just to bring up Haley randomly. lol I heard phrasing and styling similar to this vocal performance in Casey's. ;) 

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