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American Idol S19 Auditions 2 Discussion

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402 (Auditions)
8:00 PM ON ABC 1 • TV-PG • STEREO • CC
Auditions across California -- Los Angeles, San Diego and Ojai -- continue as the all-star judges bring laughs, emotions and surprises in the search for America's next singing sensation.

We all started with a dream 💫

#AmericanIdol is making more dreams come true starting Sunday Feb 14 on ABC 



No Spoilers Please! If it hasn't shown on the show yet it's a Spoiler

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Casey was honestly one of the best auditions from this new era of idol. Even her name tells me she is destined for stardom. Casey Bishop just has that "je ne sais quoi."    Willie and Cassan

i'm scared liahona will be too hyper and will go ultrapop with neon outfits or something lol

I was falling asleep and then I heard Motlëy Crüe so here I am.

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Loved Casey! Good musical taste and no performance experience = diamond in the rough!

The Alejandro comparison didn't make much sense but I get it. lol :P 

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5 minutes ago, Elliott said:

I’m sorry, 2005?????


i'm old jamie lee curtis GIF

I know, right? I loved her choice of favorite groups until I realized that she probably likes Nirvana and the Peppers for the same reason I like The Who and Queen--great groups that my parents love.


That said, Casey has replaced Hannah as my favorite of the season. It was nice while it lasted, Hannah.

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