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Big Brother Canada 9 (Premieres March 3)

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Omg LaToya bisexual queen! We got the L, we got the G, we got the B, we got the T.....I’m STANNING!

Why is this the BBCAN producers   Stop blocking videobrother! Let us watch your silly show in peace!

I was so excited to see trans representation on this show, I'm devastated. It's hard not knowing anything without live feeds. Did Julie really play herself out or was there some biases?

I didn’t watch any of last season because..well..but I like the sound of a theme which incorporates last year’s house and the aftermath of that.


Excited to see the cast especially with Arisa talking about the importance of more BIPOC representation!

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Will need to watch the videos later, but also excited for Julie - she was one of the one being rumoured and was able to watch some of her youtube videos in the meantime! 

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1 hour ago, Solaris said:

I can't help but notice only 14 houseguests in the cast.  Could they be inviting some of BBCAN8 back to compete?  Sheldon/Ming-Ly would likely be my guess if that's the case.

Minh-Ly with how ever many weeks of safety until Jury plz!!!!!!!!

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29 minutes ago, Alex95 said:

Lemme know who wants to do a draft! We'll start one this weekend.

If there’s interest, I am in. 

I’m hopeful That it’ll be a good season.  

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