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American Idol Performances Mini Rankdown (Season 15 - Rankings Due 1/25)


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5. Jessica Meuse "Human"



Watch Here

@Steven_ - 1/20

@taylorkat - 1/20

@hayden98 - 2/20

@Elliott - 4/20

@*Amanda - 5/20

@*Chris - 6/20

@Weedy_Speedy - 6/20

@*Diana - 6/20

@jarmon - 6/20

@Zoey - 7/20

@totes4totes - 7/20

@Crisis - 8/20

@sublymonal - 8/20

@Solaris - 8/20

@Alex95 - 11/20

@*Wallace - 13/20

@FrogLenzen - 15/20

@goofycilla90 - 16/20

@QueenKalie - 17/20

@JORDAN_FAN - 18/20

@1234567890 - 18/20




Such a gorgeous performance. Jessica put her all into the emotion of the song and gave her most heartfelt performance to date. Her best vocal? No. But I still love the performance a lot.




Lmaoo I kinda always forget that Jessica sang "Human" because Elliott would always comment and mention of wanting Jena to sing this song that I often think Jena sang this song instead. :dead: This is a beautiful song and this was a beautiful performance from Jessica. I do like how she sang the song softly and thought she really connected with it. Some of her lower register was a little haunting (although a few parts were too low for me, that it was hard to understand her).  I do really like how she belts out the chorus. She did showcase a good amount of range. Overall, I do really like this and think it was one of Jessica's best performances.




low notes were shaky and high notes were sharp. she is better than this. too demanding of a song for a live, high stakes show like this.





4. Jessica Meuse "Blue Eyed Lie"



Watch Here

@*Chris - 1/20

@Crisis - 1/20

@*Diana - 1/20

@*Amanda - 1/20

@Steven_ - 2/20

@taylorkat - 2/20

@Solaris - 3/20

@Elliott - 5/20

@Alex95 - 5/20

@sublymonal - 6/20

@hayden98 - 6/20

@jarmon - 8/20

@*Wallace - 9/20

@Weedy_Speedy - 10/20

@FrogLenzen - 10/20

@totes4totes - 10/20

@Zoey - 12/20

@QueenKalie - 20/20

@JORDAN_FAN - 20/20

@goofycilla90 - 20/20

@1234567890 - 20/20




stunning original, could be a legit hit. Jessica at her finest.




Iconic song is iconic. Why is this not a hit? This song is legit better than most thing on the radio. I'm obsessed with this performance and Jess could've become a star based on this alone.




Jessica‚Äôs originals were, for sure, he best performance but. She‚Äôs probably a R*publican so I‚Äôm ranking all of her performances below Jena‚Äôs ūüôā




"Blue Eyed Lie" is one of Jessica's best performances, and I certainly saw it in this Top 20 and deservingly so. This is probably the performance I feel most confident that can win this game, which I'll be okay with although I would prefer it to be a different Jessica performance. As I can only really see Jessica winning this round. This is the original song that Jessica sang at her audition but it was pretty cool seeing her singing this on the live shows. She was very confident and connected well with the song. I like the attitude she sang the song with. I do really like the chorus that she sings especially those "that was just a blue eyed lie" lines. That's the catchiest part. She does sound great throughout. A strong performance from Jessica, but I just happen to prefer the others I ranked above it.




is this winning? I guess we could do a lot lot lot worse. But we could also do better oop




Better than most original songs TBH. But LBR I go to American Idol for good Karaoke.





3. Jena Irene "Decode"



Watch Here

@Alex95 - 1/20

@Elliott - 2/20

@FrogLenzen - 2/20

@*Wallace - 2/20

@goofycilla90 - 3/20

@*Diana - 3/20

@jarmon - 3/20

@1234567890 - 4/20

@sublymonal - 4/20

@Solaris - 4/20

@QueenKalie - 6/20

@JORDAN_FAN - 6/20

@*Amanda - 6/20

@taylorkat - 8/20

@totes4totes - 9/20

@Crisis - 11/20

@Weedy_Speedy - 11/20

@hayden98 - 14/20

@*Chris - 16/20

@Steven_ - 16/20

@Zoey - 17/20




"Decode" is one of my all-time favorite songs. After Colton butchered it, I was very nervous about hearing it done again on Idol, but I had faith in Jena. She got up there and delivered one of the best performances in Idol history, going from bottom three contestant to frontrunner with just this one performance. Such an amazing moment and an amazing performance. Queenaaaaaaaaa :wub: :wub: :wub:




omg so much better than the horrendous Colton or whoever. It actually sounded vaguely melodic in the beginning.




Wow that Songs of the Cinema theme had two of the strongest performances of the season, Caleb's "Skyfall" and of course this one, Jena's "Decode." I am also glad Jena's version made it here because of Colton's passable version can make the Top 20, why can't Jena's amazing version make it? ūüėė I do really like the original Paramore version of this song but really love how Jena changed this up and made it her own. She is at her best with playing the piano and making these dark haunting ballad performances like this. She connected beautifully with the song and sang it very well through. The start had this nice haunting quality to it, but then she powered through the chorus and made it so powerful! I love the mix of big vocal moments, and softer vocal moments and everything in between. This was very beautiful and one of my favorite performances from Jena!




Jena + Paramore = Magic.




her ascent into front runner status after this song was amazing!





2. Jena Irene "Creep" (Reprise)



Watch Here

@JORDAN_FAN - 2/20

@goofycilla90 - 2/20

@1234567890 - 2/20

@sublymonal - 2/20

@Solaris - 2/20

@jarmon - 2/20

@Alex95 - 2/20

@QueenKalie - 3/20

@Elliott - 3/20

@FrogLenzen - 3/20

@totes4totes - 3/20

@*Amanda - 3/20

@*Diana - 4/20

@*Wallace - 5/20

@hayden98 - 5/20

@Crisis - 7/20

@taylorkat - 7/20

@*Chris - 13/20

@Weedy_Speedy - 14/20

@Steven_ - 19/20

@Zoey - 20/20




I prefer the original but the reprise was amazing too.




the original should have been here.  Amazing version!




Like the others I prefer the original, but luckily she's one of the few contestants to slay her reprises just as much as her originals. Such an amazing, amazing performance. Jena is truly one of the best behind that piano.




I do personally wish the original version of Jena's "Creep" made the finals over this version as I do slightly love that version more... But at least "Creep" made it regardless so that's a good thing. And I still do love this performance and consider it one of Jena's best!  This is such a powerful song from Radiohead, and I thought Jena made it her own and did it justice. I do love her piano ballad/interpretation of songs the most from her. She sang, emoted and played the piano all beautifully. She poured so much passion and emotion into this, and just made this so powerful. I love how she sang the chorus and powered through the big vocal parts of the song! :omg: Then I love how she brings it down and closes the performance out softly. It's a really strong and stunning performance that showcases a lot of variety from Jena! 





1. Jena Irene "Can't Help Falling In Love"



Watch Here

@JORDAN_FAN - 1/20

@goofycilla90 - 1/20

@Elliott - 1/20

@1234567890 - 1/20

@sublymonal - 1/20

@FrogLenzen - 1/20

@Solaris - 1/20

@jarmon - 1/20

@hayden98 - 1/20

@*Wallace - 1/20

@QueenKalie - 2/20

@*Amanda - 2/20

@Alex95 - 3/20

@totes4totes - 4/20

@Crisis - 6/20

@*Chris - 8/20

@taylorkat - 10/20

@*Diana - 12/20

@Weedy_Speedy - 16/20

@Zoey - 19/20

@Steven_ - 20/20




Beautiful, stunning, emotional moment.




I don't think you should take such drastic liberties with melody for the first verse of slow songs. But I think this would be a worthy winner




best performance of the season, one of the best performances in AI history.  Truly incredible.  It will surely get robbed of the win.




"Can't Help Falling In Love" was such a moving, beautiful and amazing performance from Jena. It always stood out to me as my favorite performance of the season, and even after watching these 20 performances, that still holds true for me. Jena had such a "moment" with this song. This is a beautiful song in it's original form, and Jena certainly did it proper justice here. As always, I do love Jena most with her haunting piano ballad performances and this is the prime example of that. She played the piano, connected with the emotion of the song and sang this song all so beautifully. I do love how soft and delicate this was and how she took her time with this performance. She did hit some beautiful power notes here and there throughout the performance. And really, I loved all of the vocal range she showed in this performance! :omg: Such a beautiful performance. I know Jena is far too polarizing to win this round, but I am hoping that this can at least make the Top 5 (or even higher). I also hope it can be the highest ranked non-Jessica performance, but we shall see. 




Queena pulled it off! An undeniably flawless performance. My top three are essentially all tied lol, so I win ^_^. Queena and Haley Reinhart invented this song fyi. In all seriousness, I just love everything about this performance. It's one of the last great Idol Moments and such a deserving winner it is.




If this was right after S13, I would have tanked this but I just don't really care if it wins or not so giving it a decent ranking. I always thought it was the performance of hers that really deserved all the praise. 


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All I had to say what that I was going to comment in his music thread. :wub: Which I will of course. :giggle:

QK had CHFIL in second place in his original rankings before the bribe anyways¬†ūüĎÄ


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