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American Idol Performances Mini Rankdown (Season 15 - Rankings Due 1/25)


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Sam Woolf "Babylon" - 10 (JORDAN_FAN, Zoey, Derek, Priscilla, Hayden, Kevin, Chris, Victoria, Steven, QK)

Alex Preston "Volcano" 1 - (Crisis)

Jena Irene "Unbreakable Me" - 10 (sublymonal, JORDAN_FAN, Sola, Gigi, Diana, Akshar, QK, Wallace, Amanda)

Jena Irene "The Scientist" - (1) Megan

Caleb Johnson "Skyfall" - 12 (Diana, Kevin, Zoey, Derek, Hayden, Chris, Victoria, Wallace, Steven, QK, Amanda, Crisis)

Jena Irene "Rolling In The Deep" - 4 (Gigi, Elliott, Priscilla, Megan)
Jena Irene & Caleb Johnson "It's Only Love" - 

Jena Irene & Caleb Johnson "Gimme Shelter" - 3 (Alex, sublymonal, Priscilla)

Alex Preston "The A Team" - 

Jena Irene "Barracuda" - 7 (sublymonal, Alex, Diana, Sola, Gigi, Akshar, Wallace)

Jena Irene "My Body" - 6 (Sola, Elliott, Akshar, Priscilla, Hayden, Alex)

Alex Preston "Say Something" - 6 (JORDAN_FAN, Derek, Chris, Steven, Amanda, Crisis)

Jena Irene "Valerie" - 1 (Zoey)

Alex Preston "Too Close" - 1 (Kevin)

Jena Irene "Heartbreaker" - 

Caleb Johnson "Maybe I'm Amazed" - 7 (Kevin, Zoey, Derek, Chris, Wallace, Steven, Crisis)

Alex Preston "Yellow" - 

Jena Irene "Creep" (Reprise) - 13 (Alex, Diana, JORDAN_FAN, Sola, sublymonal, Gigi, Elliott, Akshar, Hayden, Victoria, QK, Amanda, Megan)

Jena Irene "We Are One" - 2 (Elliott, Megan)

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Congratulations to the top 20 performances of season 13!


Emily Piriz "Paris (Ooh La La)"

MK Nobilette “All Of Me”

Sam Woolf "Babylon"

Jena Irene "Unbreakable Me"

Majesty Rose "Tightrope"

Jessica Meuse "The Crow & The Butterfly"

Jessica Meuse "The Sound of Silence"

Caleb Johnson "Skyfall"

Jena Irene "Decode"

Malaya Watson "When I Was Your Man"

Sam Woolf "We Are Young"

Jessica Meuse "Blue Eyed Lie"

Alex Preston “Fairytales”

Jena Irene "Barracuda"

Jessica Meuse "Jolene"

Jessica Meuse "Human"

Jessica Meuse “Summertime Sadness”

Caleb Johnson "Maybe I'm Amazed"

Jena Irene "Can't Help Falling In Love"

Jena Irene "Creep" (Reprise)


You all now have a week to send me your rankings of the top 20. I will average all the rankings out and reveal what the top performances of season thirteen are! Comments are optional, but always encouraged. Rankings are due by Tuesday, November 30th at midnight. If I don't have your rankings by then, we're moving on without you!


@QueenKalie @JORDAN_FAN @goofycilla90 @Elliott @1234567890 @*Chris @Crisis @Steven_ @Zoey @sublymonal @Weedy_Speedy @FrogLenzen @taylorkat @*Diana @Solaris @jarmon @*Wallace @totes4totes @hayden98 @*Amanda

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  • Alex95 changed the title to American Idol Performances Mini Rankdown (Season 13 - Rankings Due 11/30)
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