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American Idol Performances Mini Rankdown (Season 15 - 5-1 Posted)


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3 Jessica performances beat out Phillip's Volcano.....so I can go to sleep happy! :wub:


Of this latest set, awww I'm sad for Joshua's WAMLAW and Jessica's IWALY missing the Top 5. Especially sad and shocked about the latter. :(


But I'm pleased for Hollie's RITD and Jessica's SD placements. 


All of these are such great performances!


And..... My prediction months before this round started this game, was that Elise's Whole Lotta Love would win. Vienna not showing up yet (when I thought it would show up in this set), makes this all the  more confirmed. :haha:


I love that performance so I won't be mad about it, but would be sad Jessica or Joshua won't be able to pull off the win but oh well. 😛

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1 hour ago, Alex95 said:

The final update won't be till the morning. But everyone have sweet dreams of what a flawless final three we have


Ignore that this is them disgustingly being in the bottom three

Ooooh yes, this would have been an iconic Top 3! ❤️


1 hour ago, Solaris said:

My 19 and 20 still being in.... Eh

Lmao, I'm 1000% sure that's my Top 2. 😐:dead:

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51 minutes ago, 1234567890 said:

Wow at Phillip Phillips being out already. :omg:

Already? I thought he did really well here. He was the 4th highest ranked contestant here. 😮


49 minutes ago, 1234567890 said:

@Solaris ranking Jessica at number 1 has me speechless. :omg:

I am shocked as well. :haha:

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3 hours ago, Weedy_Speedy said:

Really surprised that I ranked Volcano second highest out of everyone. There are definitely people here who are bigger Phillip fans than me. :haha: 


I think WLL or AIATY will win. Pulling for WLL.

I think that could be the Top 2, or at least hopeful for AIATY to make it there. I know there will be a number of low votes to prevent it from winning....but hoping it can still make Top 2.


But I've been thinking WLL could win this, long before this round started.

2 hours ago, NGM said:

I was checking who has what left and props @taylorkat who got the entire Top 5 right 

Wow, congrats to Gigi there! 😮


1 hour ago, taylorkat said:

Celebration GIF by SpongeBob SquarePants

No longer the Queen of Unpopular Opinions. :giggle:

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  • Alex95 changed the title to American Idol Performances Mini Rankdown (Season 15 - 5-1 Posted)

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