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American Idol Performances Mini Rankdown (4th Placers - #1 Posted)


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20. Sam Woolf "We Are Young"



Watch Here

@Zoey - 5/20

@*Diana - 7/20

@Steven_ - 8/20

@Elliott - 12/20

@hayden98 - 12/20

@1234567890 - 13/20

@Weedy_Speedy - 13/20

@sublymonal - 15/20

@QueenKalie - 16/20

@JORDAN_FAN - 17/20

@FrogLenzen - 17/20

@totes4totes - 17/20

@goofycilla90 - 18/20

@jarmon - 18/20

@*Wallace - 19/20

@*Chris - 20/20

@Crisis - 20/20

@taylorkat - 20/20

@Solaris - 20/20

@*Amanda - 20/20

@Alex95 - 20/20




omg he's from Bradenton, that's like 30 minutes from me. I despise this song, and this did nothing to change that whatsoever.




Not me advancing this performance into Round 2, only to see it somehow make it to the finals. I am so sorry, y'all. :dead:  This performance is fine. Actually, okay I'll say that I do like this and it is one of Sam's better performances. Is it Top 20 for me personally? No. But the thing with Sam, I do like his voice and his tone, but find him to be a very boring performer. This is one of those performances that highlights that. I do love that he sang a current song (at the time). But this is just a fine and decent enough performance to me.




Completely uninspiring. I agree with Wally, Sam is such a boring performer. "We Are Young" is such a fun song, but Sam somehow managed to suck all the life out of this performance. I hate everything about this and it's easily one of my least favorite performances to make the finals here.





19. Emily Piriz "Paris (Ooh La La)"



Watch Here

@QueenKalie - 1/20

@Steven_ - 7/20

@Zoey - 10/20

@jarmon - 10/20

@JORDAN_FAN - 11/20

@FrogLenzen - 11/20

@goofycilla90 - 13/20

@Elliott - 14/20

@1234567890 - 14/20

@*Diana - 14/20

@Weedy_Speedy - 15/20

@taylorkat - 15/20

@Solaris - 15/20

@*Wallace - 15/20

@totes4totes - 16/20

@hayden98 - 17/20

@*Amanda - 17/20

@*Chris - 18/20

@Crisis - 18/20

@sublymonal - 18/20

@Alex95 - 19/20




her tone is kind of thin but it's not... the worst. But this song didn't really do anything for her. It was a lot of the same the whole time.




Ooooh Emily causing both controversey when she sang this song on the show, as well as this performance making the Top 20. We stan a controversial queen! :wub: I am conflicted on this being here.... Emily was my original favorite of Season 13, so of course I am here for Emily representation. But I really do wish it was "Glitter in the Air" here, as I would have ranked that performance higher. I also doooo get some of the judges issues with Emily singing this song, as this is a very sexy song and she was 17 singing this so that's a bit.... yikes. But Emily's portrayal was to sell the emotion of the song rather than the storyline so that works better. I do love the energy and power that Emily brought to this performance. I think she has a great voice and she sang the song well. I also thought she performed this well and brought a fun electrifying performance here. I do love all of the vocal range she showcases here. Ugh I was and still am so mad she was eliminated so early as she had so much to give. :broken:




I just never got the hype about her. I know IDF likes her but. MEH




I don't have a problem with Emily singing her song at this age in a slut-shamey way. I have a problem with it because Emily did not have the attitude or vocal chops to pull this off. This song was just not Emily at all and she seemed like a little girl trying to be an adult and the singing was mediocre.





18. Sam Woolf "Babylon"



Watch Here

@JORDAN_FAN - 3/20

@1234567890 - 3/20

@goofycilla90 - 6/20

@Zoey - 8/20

@QueenKalie - 9/20

@Weedy_Speedy - 12/20

@Elliott - 13/20

@Solaris - 13/20

@*Chris - 14/20

@Steven_ - 14/20

@FrogLenzen - 14/20

@*Wallace - 14/20

@totes4totes - 14/20

@*Amanda - 15/20

@Alex95 - 15/20

@sublymonal - 16/20

@Crisis - 19/20

@taylorkat - 19/20

@*Diana - 19/20

@jarmon - 19/20

@hayden98 - 20/20




not for me. I'm refraining from being mean lol




LMAO I feel so awkward on Sam Woolf's "Babylon" making it to the finals. On one hand, I do think this was one of, if not, his best performance so I think it's deserving of making the finals. But this making it over Jena's "My Body" and Alex's "Say Something" was rather disappointing, as I would have preferred those performances in over this one. But still, this is really good from Sam. This was a really good song choice and I really like his voice on this song. His vocals are very soothing and easy to listen to. He wasn't really engaging as a performer, which was my main issue with him, but it didn't really bother me on this performance. But yeah this was solid from Sam.




If you asked me to name the most safe and average performance in Idol history, this would certainly be in the conversation (along with every single Nick Fradiani performance).





17. Malaya Watson "When I Was Your Man"



Watch Here

@*Wallace - 4/20

@hayden98 - 4/20

@Weedy_Speedy - 7/20

@Zoey - 9/20

@1234567890 - 11/20

@*Chris - 11/20

@jarmon - 11/20

@Steven_ - 12/20

@FrogLenzen - 12/20

@Alex95 - 12/20

@Crisis - 13/20

@sublymonal - 14/20

@taylorkat - 14/20

@JORDAN_FAN - 16/20

@goofycilla90 - 17/20

@QueenKalie - 18/20

@Elliott - 18/20

@totes4totes - 18/20

@*Amanda - 18/20

@Solaris - 19/20

@*Diana - 20/20




I am glad Akshar & I advanced a Malaya performance, as I did want her represented in the finals, and figured we would have probably been the only way to do so. I never really thought or figured out which was my actual Malaya performance. I do love this, "I Am Changing," "Take Me to the King" and "Ain't No Way" the most from her. I would have loved having another one of those performances in the finals but I just knew it wouldn't be in the cards. :( But I do think "When I Was Your Man" was a great performance from her. I love the song and thought it was a cool unexpected song choice for her to sing. I also love how she showcased the softer and more restraint side of her. She connected and sang this song very beautifully. I do love the falsetto she showcases on the pre-chorus part of the song. I love how she sings the chorus and the passion she pours into that part of the song. Then I also love how she powers through the bridge of the song, especially the part where she belts out "I was wrrrroooonnnggggg." :omg: Wow that was such a golden part there! Then I like how she addeed some gritty vocals in there too, and then transitions into some very soft and pretty vocals where she closes out the song. I thought this was very beautiful and stunning from Malaya. I don't expect this to rank well, but hoping that this can escape the first few spots, maybe.




very immature voice/emotion for this song




Malaya was very hit or miss for me, but this was easily one of her best performances, if not her best. It was such a smooth vocal and I love how she kept the original pronouns. I think Malaya's someone who could've used just a few more years to really fine tune her craft and then she could've been a star on the Idol stage.





16. Caleb Johnson "Maybe I'm Amazed"



Watch Here

@Zoey - 2/20

@*Wallace - 7/20

@FrogLenzen - 8/20

@*Chris - 9/20

@Crisis - 9/20

@Weedy_Speedy - 9/20

@hayden98 - 9/20

@Steven_ - 11/20

@goofycilla90 - 12/20

@1234567890 - 12/20

@*Amanda - 13/20

@Alex95 - 13/20

@*Diana - 15/20

@jarmon - 15/20

@taylorkat - 16/20

@QueenKalie - 15/20

@JORDAN_FAN - 15/20

@Solaris - 18/20

@Elliott - 19/20

@sublymonal - 20/20

@totes4totes - 20/20




Unsurprisingly, Caleb got quite a bad and rough treatment in this game. :( I personally would have liked for him to have had a few more performances in the finals (shout outs to "Dazed & Confused" and "Faithfully" as those were two I would have loved seeing on here). This is one of those Caleb performances I do really like/love, but kinda forget how great this was until I rewatch or re-listen to this. This is a classic song, and I do love how Caleb showcases the softer and more emotional side of himself here. I really enjoyed how he sang the opening verse and the chorus. He especially powered through the chorus of the song very nicely. I do love how he really builds up the song as it progresses with his vocal range and then he does a little falsetto in between all the powering. A strong performance from Caleb!




even after all these seasons I'm still shocked with the type of winner that America votes for




While I'm happy Caleb did get the second performance into the endgame here, this certainly wouldn't have been the one I would've chosen. I think it's a solid performance, but it's not particularly memorable. Tbh James' from S10 stands out to me more than Caleb's.




Predictable song choice. It’s not secret how I feel about Caleb so I’m ranking this low.




LOL I hate this song and I also dislike Caleb. Easy last place.


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  • Alex95 changed the title to American Idol Performances Mini Rankdown (Season 13 - 20-16 Posted)

- Oooh okay, I'm fine with Sam's WAY coming in last. Wow it came in last by quite a margin there too.

- Aww I was kinda hoping for Emily's Paris to come in a little higher but #19 isn't a bad spot for it, I suppose. Still wish "Glitter in the Air" made it over this but not a bad spot.

- Oh wow, both of Sam's performances out already? Hmm, I do think "Babylon" should have made it higher than this but at the same time, not really mad about this spot either.

- Aww yeah I knew and figured Malaya wouldn't rank so well.... and #17 is more or less where I was realistically thinking this would show up. I was just hoping this wouldn't show up at 20 or 19 or something. And she beat out Sam here so I can be at peace with this. ūüôą Do agree with Alex that she was hit or miss, but do think when she was a hit, she was really good. And yeah I think she could have been a potential force had she waited 3-5 years to do the show. Still no regrets advancing this forward.


- Ooof not too surprised at Caleb's MIA showing up on the first set at 16th. Def think this should have shown up on the next set but not surprised. This was great and I do think it's deserving of a Top 20 spot, although not in his exact Top 2 for me.

Although :dead: @ the few comments we got so far. Hopefully Jessica and Jena's performances will have more comments because it shows how no one really cares for Season 13. Which is to be expected. :haha: ?  

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  • Alex95 changed the title to American Idol Performances Mini Rankdown (4th Placers - #1 Posted)

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