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✨ Benson Boone Fan Thread ✨


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13 minutes ago, VoicexIdol said:

Oh I’m so sorry!! :( won’t happen again! Fixed it 🙂

It’s ok, I know you’re new here! ☺️ What is your sibling’s username so I can add them to the fan list?

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4 minutes ago, jamescasaki said:

Who do you think benson duet partner will be I am going to say I think it will be beane I hope saw there both incredible singers

Possibly. I could see him with Michael Gerow, if he made it to duet round.

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7 hours ago, 1234567890 said:

I wish we knew what was going on. It seems like we haven't seen him since his audition.

Yeah, I want to see more performances from him... It doesn’t look like he’ll be on Sunday’s episode either. :no:

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