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Contestants whose fandom made you enjoy them less?


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2 hours ago, Archanium said:

I got annoyed more by coaches fandom than the contestants ones tbh.:lmao:

Blake's psycho fans on social media made me enjoy him less on the show tbh. I still like him but not as much as the other coaches lol 😂

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18 hours ago, TeamAudra said:

Chloe’s fanbase is #1 all-time for me. To be fair, the ones that are still active here aren’t the ones I’m talking about, for the most part. They were really over the top and aggressive. 

i’m pretty sure that’s why she distances herself from show related things 

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14 minutes ago, TeamAudra said:

I don’t remember anything about the fanbases for those two. They weren’t particularly large or active. 

Exactly, that’s why I thought it was odd (they were both generally liked by everyone tho, similar to TStorm).

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5 minutes ago, Angeles said:

Not on IDF, but yeah. 


5 minutes ago, Misirlou said:

I´d say her annoying fandom (who is still defending her) is more present on IG and Twitter..

Definitely didn’t expect her to have any kind of fandom, lol (this isn’t shade towards Marisa, most Voice contestants have little to no fans after the show ends, specially if you were eliminated in the taped tounds).

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