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The Snatch Game: The Rankdown


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The Snatch Game: The Rankdown


Hello, hello, hello. And welcome to The Snatch Game: The Rankdown. From the first time Pandora Boxx as Carol Channings uttered "RASPBERRIES" the Snatch Game as been the most iconic and the most difficult staple challenge on RuPaul's Drag Race. Where sketch shows flop and Rusicals flounder, the Snatch Game stands heads above the rest. Not all Snatch game performances are good, in fact most aren't, but they are almost always memorable...for better or for worse. 


And now it will be up to the contestants of IDF to separate the Tops from the Bottoms. 



(And Elliott has informed me that there will be 500 new seasons this year...which make this right for ANNUAL EDITIONS)





Also, I will be linking TO THE BEST OF MY ABILITY each Season's Snatch Game for those (Like Me) who haven't caught up with all 10 million versions and seasons of Drag Race. 


But first, let's meet our Stars:


Drag Race US:

Season 2

RuPaul (Jessica Wild)

Kimora Lee (Jujubee)

Pink (Morgan McMichaels)

Carol Channing (Pandora Boxx)

Paris Hilton (Raven)

Whitney Houston (Sahara Davenport)

Lady Gaga (Sonique)

Britney Spears (Tatianna)

Beyoncé (Tyra Sanchez)


Season 3

Alicia Keys (Alexis Mateo)

Jennifer Lopez (Carmen Carrera)

Cher (Delta Work)

Imelda Marcos (Manila Luzon)

Joan Crawford (Mariah)

Tyra Banks (Raja)

Tina Turner (Shangela)

Mo'Nique (Stacey Layne Matthews)

Amy Winehouse (Yara Sofia)


Season 4

Cher...again (Chad Michaels)

Wendy Williams (DiDa Ritz)

Snooki (Jiggly Caliente)

Beyoncé...again (Kenya Michaels)

Aretha Franklin (Latrice Royale)

Diana Ross (Milan)

Lady Gaga...again (Phi Phi O'Hara)

Michelle Visage (REDACTED)

Jessica Simpson (Willam)


Season 5

Lady Bunny (Alaska)

Katy Perry (Alyssa Edwards)

Janet Jackson (Coco Montrese)

Kesha (Detox)

Marilyn Monroe (Ivy Winters)

Taylor Swift (Jade Jolie)

Little Edie (Jinkx Monsoon)

Celia Cruz (Lineysha Sparx)

Tamar Braxton (Roxxxy Andrews)


Season 6

Anna Nicole Smith (Adore Delano)

Maggie Smith (BenDeLaCreme)

Judge Judy (Bianca Del Rio)

Fran Drescher (Courtney Act)

Paula Deen (Darienne Lake)

Kim Kardashian (Gia Gunn)

Teresa Giudice (Joslyn Fox)

Rachel Zoe (Laganja Estranja)

Julia Child (Milk)

Nicki Minaj (Trinity K. Bonet)


Season 7

Adele (Ginger Minj)

Raven-Symoné (Jaidynn Diore Fierce)

Suze Orman (Katya)

Little Richard (Kennedy Davenport)

Sharon Needles (Max)

Donatella Versace (Miss Fame)

Big Ang (Pearl)

Alyssa Edwards (Violet Chachki)


Season 8

Nancy Grace (Acid Betty)

Uzo Aduba (Bob the Drag Queen)

Carol Channing (Bob the Drag Queen)

Eartha Kitt (Chi Chi DeVayne)

Britney Spears (Derrick Barry)

Kimmy Jong-Un (Kim Chi)

Tiffany Pollard (Naomi Smalls)

Diana Vreeland (Robbie Turner)

Michael Jackson (Thorgy Thor)


Season 9

Alyssa Edwards...again (Aja)

Liza Minelli (Alexis Michelle)

Sofia Vergara (Cyntha Lee Fontaine)

Gigi Gorgeous (Farrah Moan)

Jasmine Masters (Nina Bo'nina Brown)

Nene Lekes (Peppermint)

Marlene Dietrich (Sasha Velour)

Naomi Campbell (Shea Couleé)

Amanda Lepore (Trinity Taylor)

Adriana Gutiérrez (Valentina)


Season 10

Melanie Trump (Aquaria)

Beyoncé...again...again (Asia O'Hara)

Honey Boo Boo (Eureka O'Hara)

Chyna (Kameron Michaels)

Dorothy Parker (Miz Cracker)

Maya Angelou (Monét X Change)

Maxine Waters (Monique Hart)

Blue Ivy Carter (The Vixen)


Season 11

Tiffany Haddish (A'keria Chanel Davenport)

Celine Dion (Brooke Lynn Hytes)

Harvey Fierstein (Nina West)

Jo Anne Worley (Nina West)

Lovely Mimi (Plastique Tiara)

Charo (Shuga Cain)

Ts Madison (Silky Nutmeg Ganache)

Danielle Bregoli (Vanessa Vanjie Mateo)

Whoopi Goldberg (Yvie Oddly)


Season 12

Patricia Quinn (Aiden Zhane)

Jennifer Holliday (Brita)

Poppy (Crystal Methyd)

Maria the Robot (Gigi Goode)

Leslie Jones (Heidi N Closet)

Lisa Rinna (Jackie Cox)

Cardi B (Jaida Essence Hall)

Bernadette Peters (Jan)

Katherine Hepburn (REDACTED)

Tina Turner...again (Widow Von'Du)

Ike Turner (Widow Von'Du)


Season 13

Jonathan Van Ness (Denali)

Rue McClanahan...again (Elliott with 2 Ts)

Paris Hilton...again (Gottmik)

Patrick Starrr (Kandy Muse)

Tabitha Brown (Olivia Lux)

Harriet Tubman (Symone)

Richard Simmons (Tina Burner)

Bob Ross (Utica Queen)


Drag Race All-Stars

Season 2

Mae West (Alaska)

Joan Crawford...again (Alyssa Edwards)

Nancy Grace...again (Detox)

Tammy Faye (Ginger Minj)

Björk (Katya)

Theresa Caputo (Phi Phi O'Hara)

Alaska (Roxxxy Andrews)

Ariana Grande (Tatianna)


Season 3

Crystal Labeija (and she'll sue the bitch!) (Aja)

Grace Jones (BeBe Zahara Benet)

Paul Lynde (BenDeLaCreme)

Maya Angelou (Chi Chi DeVayne)

Phaedra Parks (Kennedy Davenport)

Jennifer Lewis (Shangela)

RuPaul...again (Trixie Mattel)


Season 4: Snatch Game of Love

Jenny Bui (Gia Gunn)

Della Reese (Latrice Royale)

Barbra Streisand (Manila Luzon)

Whitney Houston...again (Monét X Change)

Tiffany Haddish...again (Monique Hart)

Wendy Williams (Naomi Smalls)

Caitlyn Jenner (Trinity the Tuck)

Eartha Kitt...again (Valentina)


Season 5: Snatch Game of Love

Walter Mercado (Alexis Mateo)

Ellen Degeneres (Blair St. Clair)

Jeffree Star (India Farrah)

Eartha Kitt...again...again (Jujubee)

Lady Gaga...again...again (Miz Cracker)

Flavor Flav (Shea Couleé)


Drag Race Canada

Season 1

Gypsey Rose Blanchard (BOA)

Rebecca More (Ilona Verley)

Joan Rivers (Jimbo)

Mariah Carey (Kiara)

JoJo Siwa (Lemon)

Miss Cleo (Priyanka)

Édith Piaf (Rita Baga)

Liza Minelli...this time in Canada! (Scarlet Bobo)


Drag Race UK

Season 1

Margaret Thatcher (Baga Chipz)

Mary Berry (Blu Hydrangea)

Gemma Collins (Cheryl Hole)

Rue McClanahan (Crystal)

Julia Child (Divina De Campo)

David Attenborough (Sum Ting Wong)

Donald Trump (The Vivienne)


Season 2

Louie Spence (A'whora)

Katie Price (Bimini Bon Boulash)

Matt Lucas (Ellie Diamond)

Miriam Margolyes (Lawrence Chaney)

Sally Morgan (Sister Sister)

Jane Turner (Tayce)

Mel B (Tia Kofi)



There are no rules and the points don't matter! Please spay and neuter your pets!




This is the Snatch Game there are rules:

1. Please be active. If you can't because we are in the middle of a pandemic and life is hard let me know and I'll just adjust the game accordingly. 

2. Write-ups have to exist. And they must have pictures. They can be any length. I'm not going to make you do 100 word write-ups for a 2 minute impression from one episode of a reality show. But I ask that you do put some effort into it!

3. Cuts and Saves must be done within 30 minutes of posting. And that's just the words part!

4. If you are in here you've played a Rankdown. Everything else is pretty standard.

5. I am the host and I get the final say. I can change anything at my discretion. But I will try to be consistent. 


Sign-Ups (No Application. Just sign up. First come, first serve)

1. Solaris

2. Lily

3. Kaley

4. Chris

5. Andy

6. Elliott

7. Derek

8. Tom

9. JC







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9 minutes ago, Steven_ said:

Megan, since you’re hosting this, would you mind if I hosted an anime characters rankdown? :blushingwave:

Yes go for it! Thanks for asking first (I totally wouldn't have minded if you just started it)!

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2 minutes ago, *Diana said:

What the good gravy is Snatch? :dead:

It's a main challenge on RuPaul's Drag Race - it's a parody of  Match Game where the queens are impersonating celebrities. 

Edited by *Chris
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