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Eurovision Song Contest 2021 : Open Up (18-20-22 may 2021)


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5 hours ago, ShortstopVM said:


This was my first time watching Eurovision, if only for the Finals (thanks Peacock); it was fun and I discovered some new music along the way. :stud: :music:

cool, try it again next year, usually they have better songs. The songs weren't all terrible this year, but there were so many with the same techno beat, and then a hard rock song wins :lmao:

22 minutes ago, Starry_Night said:


Yeah, it was fun watching this year's show and I added the official playlist to my Spotify account. 🙂

I'm glad Iceland was in the top 5 despite not performing live. 


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Posted (edited)

Sorry I'm late.  I had a package to drop off and items to pick up.  I couldn't watch the show live, and I had to isolate myself from any possibility of seeing news of the outcome before I got home to watch the recorded broadcast.


Be that as it may, Italy has never sent a trainwreck since I started watching this contest in 2013.


Here is how I scored them throughout the course of the show:


12 points for Switzerland (9.70)
10 points for France (9.67)
8 points for Italy (9.63)

7 points for Iceland (9.62)
6 points for Bulgaria (9.61)
5 points for Malta (9.57)
4 points for Ukraine (9.57)
3 points for Israel (9.55)
2 points for Lithuania (9.53)
1 point for Norway (9.50)


Sweden 9.49, Serbia 9.49, Greece 9.48, Russia 9.48, San Marino 9.47;


Portugal 9.42, Finland 9.42, Netherlands 9.41, Cyprus 9.41, Belgium 9.41;


United Kingdom 9.35, Spain 9.32, Albania 9.31, Azerbaijan 9.31, Germany 9.27, Moldova 9.26.


When the jury roll-call ended with the U.K. getting no points, I thought to myself, could it be possible that we see a double-bagel for the first time since this split-scoring method went into effect in 2016? I actually thought Germany would turn the trick tonight. Sad to see 4 countries (including the host nation) get hosed like this; and I was afraid there would be one more before the night was over.


When the jury roll-call was over, I had my calculator ready for the televote scores.  With 39 countries representing, there were 2,262 jury points and 2,262 televote points available.  I started subtracting from 2,262 from the moment they started announcing the televote points...


...Of course, there was nothing to subtract when it came to the U.K., Germany, Spain and the Netherlands.  Things got interesting when Lithuania got 165 points.  But when Finland got 218, I thought Italy might be in a bit of trouble, with one rock band cannibalizing points from another rock band.


Things really got interesting when Ukraine got 267 points.  But then the sonic boom came when Italy got 318!



Only 463 points were left.  It was obvious that the battle between the French-language songs had been cracked.  Nonetheless, Switzerland needed 258 of those 463 to win, and France needed 277.  I knew Malta was going to be the odd one out, but how many of those 463 would Destiny take with her?


We got our answer with 47.  Only 416 points left.  Now it was up to France and Switzerland, and only one could beat Italy, but the potential winner needed the required points to win.  Barbara was next, and she needed 277...


...She came up short; 258.  Italy won.  Anyone with a calculator knew that to be the case minutes before the announcers delivered the bad news (165 points remaining) to Switzerland.


On the whole, once again, and for the 9th year in a row (including the canceled year, with some potential winning contenders who either never got to sing on stage or ended up singing a new song), I was thoroughly entertained.  This year, we had 2 hard-rock bands finish in the top 10; 2 French-language songs battle for the top; a trance tune (progressing from prog to psy) in the top 5; a retro-electro-funk tune that never had a chance to be performed in real time in front of a televised audience (fortunately Iceland's best rehearsals saved them); two 18-year-olds in the top 10; two acts taking the old-school approach (Portugal bringing me memories of 1973 with their song, and Belgium with a stage design that was completely old-school; no fancy CGI at all); a guy who overcame Tourette's syndrome (along with the bullying that came with it) to make this final (Tix); and a guy who had surgery on his vocal cords before this season (Tusse)...


...And yet, 3 of the Big Five are in the basement once again, and it is worse than ever for those 3 (U.K., Germany and Spain).  Even worse yet, Spain has not finish in the top 20 since 2014; and Germany, 4th in 2018, completely lost their way faster than they found it.  As for the U.K., one would think that anything they sent wouldn't have kept both of its scorecards from being left completely blank.  Do they take a year off, lest they show up again with a decent song and go home empty once more?

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15 hours ago, istersay said:

cool, try it again next year, usually they have better songs. The songs weren't all terrible this year, but there were so many with the same techno beat, and then a hard rock song wins :lmao:



Thanks and yeah, it was funny that a rock song won over the pop songs this year.


The official soundtrack is on iTunes too. 🙂

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1 minute ago, world_idols said:

who are your favorites?  in semi 1  and semi 2 + the big 5 + 1

I haven't watched the semis ; I only watch the finale every where - I am going to post my ranking of the performance/songs/country afterwards. 

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  1. Switzerland:  Ah finalement du francais! After 11 performances, this was the first standout for me - love his voice, its a quality song, and I loved the performance. Part of the song reminded me of SOS D'un Terrien En Detresse at times when he was hitting those notes - little did I know that he sang that song on the Voice ❤️  I'm totally going to look more into his discography!  Also just watched a video of him as young contestant on a talent show singing Je T'aime - WOW... He's talented - def. one that I will follow post-Eurovision. 
  2. Bulgaria:  One of my favourite song of the year - easily one of Bulgaria's best showing in Eurovision in term of song quality. The singer's voice is beautiful, and I thought she absolutely nailed her delivery. 
  3. France: Ah, ma belle Barbara ❤️ - the only artist I knew before Eurovision. Anyway, this performance is very Barbara & it was one of the strongest of the night; that's how you do it. I will most likely listen to it after Eurovision - she's third as I preferred Switzerland and Bulgaria's song more. Anyway, I love that you could see the influence of the great French artists like Piaf & Zaz in this performance.  And I am so happy they finally had another good song; the last time I can recall them having a good shot at winning was with Natasha St-Pier (proud Acadian like myself!). 
  4. Spain: Just love his voice, and really enjoyed the song too. One of the few songs that I probably would listen to, outside of an Eurovision context. 
  5. Malta: Okay, this song is a BOP :bobo:- it was super fun and the song is actually good too; I could actually see myself listening to this song outside of Eurovision.
  6. Netherlands:  There's something about this song that I just really love - I do love the inspirational message of the song which is what I tend to enjoy from Eurovision. And I really love the gospel influence that you can hear in the song. 
  7. Sweden: The song is super catchy & I really enjoyed Tusse's voice - I am probably going to check out more about him. 
  8. Greece: This is the kind of cheesy songs that I love from Eurovision - love the ballad part mixed with the upbeat. And I really enjoyed everything about this performance.  LET'S DANCEEEE :bobo: 
  9. Portugal: I didn't care for the visual effect of it, but I thought the song was decent; I like the feel from it. 
  10. Italy Compare to the other rock band, I actually enjoyed this one. The song was decent and I really enjoyed the feel of the performance - they're def. more of a performer compare to the other rock band. 
  11. Israel: I enjoyed this performance, and I was living for her high note! 
  12. Norway: I lowkey enjoyed this - it was everything I expect during Eurovision (the level of cheesy) and I actually enjoyed the song :ph34rwave: 
  13. Moldova: Reminds me a lot of Cyprus - I'd give them the edge though. *dance gif*
  14. Cyprus: I could totally see myself dancing to this song in a post-pandemic life. Anyway, I thought the song was super fun and it was a great way to kick off the show.
  15. Ukraine: It seems that a lot of people in here didn't care for them but I actually enjoyed their performance - I liked that it was entirely in Ukrainian even though I could not understand anything about it. 
  16. San Marino: So over the top just like I love it :wub:. Anyway, I thought the song was super fun but there's some that did it better this eyer so she is ranked in the middle part for me. 
  17. Serbia:  This song did make me want to dance & it was decent - the girls were full of energy and killed their performance. 
  18. Lithuania: Not a favourite but I enjoyed it more than the one below. 
  19. Albania: The song was not the best but Anxhela has the look of a superstar & I enjoyed her voice - I would be interested in seeing more of her. 
  20. Azerbaijan: Super fun, but some other people did it better, this year.
  21. Germany: The performance as weird but the song was actually decent; I feel this is a song that i could see Mika putting his own twist on. 
  22. UK: I wasn't feeling this performance at all - it was not bad per say but I preferred the one above it more. 
  23. Finland It's different thats for sure. Just not my cup of tea.
  24. Iceland : No, thank you.
  25. Belgium: They clearly didn't send their best - the song was just okay, I was honestly bored through it all & skipped part of it. 
  26. Russia: I always expect a performance on this calibre at the Eurovision; I hated every minutes of it - also skipped part of it.

I have now watched the performance! While I know the results, I am still going to watch the reveal of the scores as thats one of my favourite  thing to watch :haha: 

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Some quick thoughts regarding the Jury results

  • Super happy that the Top 2 are Switzerland & France - love they both got lots of 12 points. Like Barbara said, it's very impressive that the top two songs from jury were French - it makes my french heart very happy :wub: 
  • Very pleased with Malta's showing and receiving a few 12s - absolutely loved the song and I probably will be going back to listen to it. 
  • Also very happy with Bulguria getting some loves from the jury & a decent place although I wanted her to place higher. 
  • Countries that I am happy that they got some love : Cyprus, Moldova, and Greece - I wanted Greece to do better though. 
  • Some of the surprise 12 points for me were San Marino, Albania, Serbia and Russia - I do know that geography do play factor at times. 
  • I thought Spain, Netherlands, and Sweden would have done better. I thought Norway would have fare better too, but the other 3 countries mentioned are the one that I am the most surprised by their placement. 
  • Good on Ukraine getting some love; I think they were a bit underrated around here. 
  • Russia got too many votes, in my opinion :haha: 
  • Uk not receiving any votes is not surprising; they never do well in the jury votes :haha: 

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The public votes :


  • I am :dead: at the UK getting 0 points from the public either.  
  • What the heck? I am surprised by Spain's showing. I thought they should have received points. 
  • And 0 points for Netherlands?  I am shook. 
  • San Marino's face when it was announced they got only 13 votes - UK, Spain, Germany and Netherlands took it better :ph34rwave:
  • Yay at Cyprus & Moldova getting a good amount of votes ❤️ 
  • Very surprised by Lithuania points - it was a good song but I am surprised by the reception. 
  • Belgium receiving 3 points is more than generous - I think they should have been in the bottom or so. 
  • Woah @ Finland taking the 1st place - I am surprised. 
  • Happy for Greece but should have gotten more than 79 points. 😘 
  • Wow, very happy for Ukraine - it must feel special and validating especially after performing their song in Ukrainian. 
  • Russia receiving 100 points? That's too many points. 
  • Only 27 votes for Portugal? Very surprised. 
  • Only 30 points for Bulgaria? Nah, fam. That was one of the better song 🙂 
  • Shook at Iceland getting as many points as they did - a fun performance but not worthy. 
  • 318 points for Italy? Woah.  I can only imagine how my Top 3 was feeling that moment. 
  • 47 points for Malta? Okay, bye. My heart was breaking for her 💔 *Viola Davis gif* 
  • Ugh, France was so close :(💔 - I really wanted her or Switzerland to take it all. 
  • The public did Switzerland dirty 🙂


Just very surprised that Italy won tbh. 

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EBU statement on Måneskin in the ESC Green Room during the Grand Final


We are aware of the speculation surrounding the video clip of the Italian winners of the Eurovision Song Contest in the Green Room last night. The band have strongly refuted the allegations of drug use and the singer in question will take a voluntary drug test after arriving home. This was requested by them last night but could not be immediately organized by the EBU. The band, their management and head of delegation have informed us that no drugs were present in the Green Room and explained that a glass was broken at their table and it was being cleared by the singer. The EBU can confirm broken glass was found after an on site check. We are still looking at footage carefully and will update with further information in due course.

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EBU Statement on alleged drug use at Eurovision Song Contest 2021

Måneskin wins Eurovision Song Contest 2021Måneskin wins Eurovision Song Contest 2021 EBU /ANDRES PUTTING

Following allegations of drug use in the Green Room of the Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final on Saturday 22 May, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), as requested by the Italian delegation, has conducted a thorough review of the facts, including checking all available footage. A drug test was also voluntarily undertaken earlier today by the lead singer of the band Måneskin which has returned a negative result seen by the EBU.

No drug use took place in the Green Room and we consider the matter closed.

We are alarmed that inaccurate speculation leading to fake news has overshadowed the spirit and the outcome of the event and unfairly affected the band.

We wish to congratulate Måneskin once again and wish them huge success. We look forward to working with our Italian member Rai on producing a spectacular Eurovision Song Contest in Italy next year.






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15 hours ago, *Lily said:

Another great year to be in the UK. :giggle:



They really haven't a good song since Jade Ewen with the exception of Lucie Jones, in my opinion.

It's time to give us a powerballad! 

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one thing for sure the eurovision this year was better than idol. so many good songs. loved italy, france, finland and israel of course :)). thought france should have won. and still the political voting was anticipated as it always was. 

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