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Celebrities Who Need To Be Canceled This Year


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This is a thread for celebrities who have really gone too far and in my opinion need to be canceled. If there is a celebrity who you think should be canceled, you can add them in this post.


1. Armie Hammer - He sent inappropriate messages to several women and they felt uncomfortable as a result. Like messages where he sounded like he was a cannibal.


2. J.K. Rowling - For being transphobic.


3. Kanye West - He has just gone completely crazy.


4. Donald Trump - For obvious reasons and almost everyone hates him now.


5. Charli D'Amelio and Dixie D'Amelio - For acting really spoiled and entitled. Also, they act extremely immature for their age.


6. Rudy Giuliani - How he acted in Borat Subsequent Moviefilm. It was inappropriate and very unprofessional.


7. Mel Gibson - For making statements that are anti-Semitic

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