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Favorite Country performances

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From S11-19


Sundance Head - Love Can Build A Bridge + Blue Ain't Your Color

Lauren Duski - Ghoost In This House + Deja Vu

Brynn Cartelli - Here Comes Goodbye

Chevel Shephard - Travelin Soldier + Broken Hearts + Little White Church + If I Die Young

Kirk Jay - In Case You Didn't Know + Bless The Broken Road + I'm Already There

Chris Kroeze - Burning House + Can't You See

Reagan Strange - Worth It

Gyth Rigdon - Drunk Me + I Wanna Be Loved Liked That + Drift Away + Proof I've Always Loved You + Goodbye Time + Nobody But You

Dexter Roberts - Like A Cowboy + Here Without You + Anything Goes

Andrew Sevener - Simple Man + Modern Day Bonnie And Clyde + Boots On + Tequila + Long Haird Country Boy

Kyndal Inskeep - I Could Use A Love Song 

Corey Jackson - Galveston

Josie beth Jones - Men And Mascara

Jake Hoot - Cover Me Up + Better Off Without You + Desperado

Todd Tilghman - Anymore + Love, Me + Ghoost In This House 

Jim Ranger - Humble And Kind + Blue Ain't Your Color + Good As You

Ben Allen - There Goes My Life

Tanner Gomes - Cowboys And Angels


EDIT: Forgot Queen Kyndal, Corey, Josie beth Jones, Tanner and Ben.

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6 hours ago, Hamza Tufail said:

Jim Ranger - Humble And Kind + Blue Ain't Your Color

Oh yeah, I forgot about these. I would also add Addison’s version to my list. The ultimate emoter finally made herself get emotional. 😅

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5. Kameron Marlowe - One Number Away

4. James David Carter - Nobody Knows

3. Jake Hoot - Cover Me Up

2. Todd Tilghman - Anymore

1. Barrett Baber - I'd Just Love to Lay You Down

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Btw here's my top 6 list in order


6. Gyth Rigdon - Drift Away/I Wanna Be Loved Liked That

5. Jake Hoot - Cover Me Up/Jim Ranger - Humble And Kind(Depends on my mood).

4. Adam Wakefield - Tennessee Whiskey/Bring It On Home To Me(Depends on my mood).
3. Craig Wayne Boyd - The Old Rugged Cross/Can't You See(Depends on my mood).

2. Todd T - Anymore/James David Carter - Nobody Knows(Depends on my mood).

1. Craig Wayne Boyd - I Walk The Line


List for battle


6. Todd T VS Jon Mullins - Ghoost In This House

5. Gyth Rigdon VS Rod Stokes - Drunk Me

4. Adam Wakefield VS Jared Harper - Can't you See

3. Barrett VS Dustin - Walking In Memphis 

2. Kyndal Inskeep VS James Violet- I Could Use A Love Song

1. James David Carter VS Craig Wayne Boyd - Wave On Wave

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Ok, let's do this. I'll do my favorite country performance by season, starting with Season 5:

- Season 5: "I Still Believe in You" by Cole Vosbury (This one is the season with practically no country artists after the Playoffs, but i remember enjoying that particular performance a lot, Season 5 is an iconic one)

- Season 6: "You Lie" by Audra McLaughlin 

- Season 7: "Nobody Knows" by James David Carter 

- Season 8: "Tennessee Whiskey" by Meghan Linsay 

- Season 9: "Burning House" by Emily Ann Roberts 

- Season 10: "Love Has No Pride" by Adam Wakefield

- Season 11: "Love Can Build a Bridge" by Sundance Head"

- Season 12: "Ghost in this House" by Lauren Duski. 

- Season 13: "It Matters To Me" by Keisha Renee

- Season 14: "Red" by Spensha Baker 

HM: "Here Comes Goodbye" by Brynn Cartelli

- Season 15: "Space Cowboy" by Chevel Shepherd 

HM: "In Case You Didn't Know" by Kirk Hay 

- Season 16: "I Want To Be Loved Like That" by Gyth Rigdon (I can't believe i just put Gyth in a list of "Favorite performances" 🤭)

- Season 17: "Cover Me Up" by Jake Hoot 

- Season 18: "Top of the World" by Meghan Danielle and Samantha Howell 

- Season 19: "Humble and Kind" by Jim Ranger 

HM: "There Goes My Life" by Ben Allen.






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There Goes My Life - Ben Allen

Lips of an Angel - Andrew Sevener

I Want To Be Loved Like That and Proof I’ve Always Loved You - Gyth Rigdon

Space Cowboy - Chevel Shepherd

In Case You Didn’t Know - Kirk Jay

Here Comes Goodbye - Brynn Cartelli

Red - Spensha Baker

It Matters to Me - Keisha Renee

Have A Little Faith In Me - Adam Cunningham

When You Say Nothing At All, Deja Vu, Somewhere in My Broken Heart (and everything else she did) - Lauren Duski

No One - Sundance Head

I’m Sorry - Adam Wakefield

Johnny and June - Mary Sarah

Gypsy - Katie Basden

I’d Just Love to Lay You Down - Barrett Baber

Burning House, Why Not Me, She’s Got You - Emily Ann Roberts

Crazy Little Thing Called Love - Zach Seabaugh

Over You - Cassadee Pope

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