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QK top songs of 2020!

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I did this for 2019 so I figured I would do this for 2020 as well. I haven't started on it yet and I have no list or anything like that but I will browse through my playlists and come up with something soon! Just like 2019 I discovered a bunch of new artists that I wasn't familiar with so there will be a bunch of new names that weren't on the list in 2019 so that's good. There will be a lot of returning names as well so a good mix of the two is nice. I would say the majority of songs are most likely to be country with pop as the next major group followed by maybe a couple songs from other genres. I went with 50 songs last year and a couple of honorable mentions I am not sure if that's how I am going to go about it again this year or if I am going to change things around I guess it will depend on how many songs I wanna include on this list.


Here is a link to the 2019 list including the number #1 overall song from 2019 "If My Heart Had a Heart" By Cassadee Pope. Will she be able to repeat as #1, stay tuned to find out!


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