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Performances that you enjoyed but weren´t expecting to.


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Performances that you weren´t expecting anyting from, but once you heard the artist sing on stage, you unexpectedly enjoyed.


Ben Allen- There Goes My Life

I´m a country fan, but Ben never did anything for me in the pre taped rounds, and his studio of this didn´t left me impressed either. However, this song allowed him to show vulnerabilty on stage, and he delivered by far his best vocal of the season. I wasn´t mad he advanced based on that.


Rod Stokes- When A Man Loves a Woman

I loved Rod in his season, but initially I thought this wasn´t a good song choice for him. He definitely proved me wrong when he stepped on that stage and  delivered a great vocal. Deservedly moved on.


Steve Memmolo - Unaware

Wasn´t a fan of Steve at all, but this was way better than what I was expecting. Pretty good.


Chloé Hogan- my future

I had Chloé as one of the contestants I was expecting to flop, but instead she delivered a gorgeous, almost pitch perfect rendition of the song. It was obvious she had no chance of advancing, but at least she left the show on a high note.


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Chris Jamison - Jealous: I was pissed with Adam after saving Chris over Taylor P on the playoffs, and I’m usually not a fan of JT clones in singing shows, so I wasn’t expecting much. Not only did he give a fantastic performance, he eventually became one of my favorite contestants ever.




Cami Clune - Never Tear Us Apart: Ever since I watched her covers pre-show I had a feeling she would flop hard in the Playoffs. She proved me very wrong.


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Echoing Ben Allen from the OP, and Rod Stokes' Cross Battles instead of his Top 13. 


I was NOT expecting to like Ryan Berg's KO as much as I did.


I expected Lynnea to flop her first week, but she actually did good with Wolves.

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