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Best/Worst Season Premiere You´ve Watched


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For me:



S5 due to Kat, Caroline, Donna, Matthew S, and James, and I even enjoyed Nic.


S16 as well, it was a  good and  refreshing premiere, with a lot of good performances. Maelyn, Rizzi, Matthew, Trey, Lili and Gyth did great there. Hell, I have to say S16 has my favorite collective first two episodes in general, due to Domenic, Julian and the Bundys.



S13 honestly. A total dud sans Chris and Brooke, especially compared to what the rest of the season turned out like. Honorable mention to S18 sans both Todds and Joanna.

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Might as well rank them because I've only seen 7 seasons


1. Season 17 - Lots of great auditions here! Katie and Rose are the obvious ones, but let's not forget Will, Brennan, and Jake HaldenVang. The others not mentioned are also decent. No duds here.


2. Season 16 - This one had a couple of mediocre ones, but we had Queen Maelyn, Rizzi, Matthew, Lili Joy, and even Gyth at his best.


3. Season 15 - Tyke James is really the only dud here. Kennedy was great, and so were Patrique, Sarah, Radha, and (unpop?) Mikele.


4. Season 18 - A few standouts (Todd, Joanna) but it didn't really start off the season with a bang)


5. Season 14 - Most of these auditions showed some potential, but it's clear the artists weren't at their best. I liked Britton, Brynn, and Kyla (even though it was one of her weakest) the most. Drew, D.R, Kelsea, Rayshun- they were ok, but not their best. 


6. Season 19 - Payge was literally the only one that I was interested in seeing more of. The other ones people consider "above average" auditions (Marisa, Holiday, Tamara) just aren't for me. But, I can at least admit that there IS quality here. 


7. Season 13 - Brooke and Chris are obviously the standouts, but there isn't much else, really. Janice had a song choice that held her back, and the rest were nothing special.

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Bumping this thread.


From season 12-17, I would often watch some of the season but don’t remember the performances well enough to judge. However, I do the remember those premieres as well as premieres dating back to season 4. I will rank the past ten premieres.


Everyone was great!:

1. S12

2. S20



3. S21

4. S15

5. S14

6. S16


Pretty Good:

7. S19


Some Good Acts But Not Great:

8. S18

9. S13


Mostly Meh:

10. S17





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To give explanations:


S12 and S20 were amazing premieres. I liked everyone in S20 except for Mark (and even he wasn’t that bad), and I liked everyone on S20’s premiere, even the acts seen as “weaker” (like Devan, Pete, and Christine). 


GNT and Wendy stood out on the S21 premiere. I loved Katherine’s and Jack’s tones, and Johnathan and Katie also had great tones and gave great performances. Everyone else was at least decent, but this premiere was not as good as the one mentioned above.


S15’s premiere was solid. I really liked all of the acts except Tyke. S14 was great too, except for Kaleb’s audition.


S16 was a good premiere, but some of the auditions felt kind of average, such as Karen and Jimmy.


I loved Payge’s audition. All of the other S19 premiere auditions were solid enough, but some of them felt generic.


S18 had some strong-ish acts, but it had a decent amount of fodder and weaker auditions (like Nelson and Tate).


S13 had Chris, Brooke, and Lucas. Janice was also strong in spite of a not so good song choice. Everyone else was just meh or eh.


S17 was the worst. Jake and Will were great, but everyone else felt like fodder and/or were too generic.


EDIT: I forgot about Rose! She was great as well, even if her blind is not my favorite performance of hers.


EDIT 2: I used to think Katie Kadan’s audition was “too much”, but watching it again, I realized my original assessment was wrong, and I loved her audition.

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Agree with the S13 premiere hate. I was expecting S13 to be one of the worst seasons of all time at first, but thankfully things only went uphill from there. S18 also had a really bad premiere besides Joanna, but unlike S13, the season didn't really improve from there. I think S20 had one of the best premieres. Cam, Pete, Raine, Victor, Corey, and Dana all had great performances and the coaches had lots of fun moments as well. S19 had a nice first episode as well with John and Lauren, plus the others.

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