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A Thread For All The Famous People We Lost In 2021


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This thread will start once the year 2020 is over. There were a lot of famous people who died in 2020. Some would say way more than any other year. This thread is here for the purpose of sharing tributes of any kind (videos, pictures, audio records, messages, etc.) for celebrities/famous people who died in 2021. Let's hope a lot of famous people don't pass away in 2021 like they did in 2020.


Famous People Who Died In 2021:

1. Tanya Roberts

2. Tommy Lasorda

3. Siegfried Fischbacher

4. Joanne Rogers

5. Phil Spector

6. Don Sutton

7. Hank Aaron

8. Larry King

9. Cloris Leachman

10. Cicely Tyson

11. Sophie

12. Dustin Diamond

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