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S20 Favourite Contestants (Blinds Spoilers - Team Blake)


S20 Favourite Contestants (Blinds Spoilers)  

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  1. 1. Who are your favourite contestants from Team Blake? You may select as many artists as you want.

    • Cam Anthony
    • Emma Caroline
    • Aaron Konzelman
    • Ethan Lively
    • Savanna Chestnut
    • Pete Mroz
    • Jordan Matthew Young
    • Avery Roberson
    • Connor Christian
    • Keegan Ferrell
  2. 2. Based on the blinds spoilers, which team(s) would you like to win S20? You may select more than one.

  3. 3. Based on the blinds spoilers, which team is most likely to win S20?

    • Team Kelly
    • Team Nick
    • Team Legend
    • Team Blake

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My Top 10 S20 Contestants (in order of preference):

  1. Zae Romeo (Team Nick) ❄️
  2. Carolina Rial (Team Legend) ❄️
  3. Ciana Pelekai (Team Legend) ❄️
  4. Anna Grace Felten (Team Kelly)
  5. Ryleigh Modig (Team Kelly)
  6. Rachel Mac (Team Nick)
  7. Gihanna Zoë (Team Kelly)
  8. Dana Monique (Team Nick)
  9. Cam Anthony (Team Blake)
  10. Kenzie Wheeler (Team Kelly)

Right now, Zae, Carolina, and Ciana are my main snowflakes for this season because they're all phenomenally talented!!! 😍🤩😍

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I  can see things going like this, since sadly (for me), most of this team is going home either way. The pairings for this team feel pretty obvious btw, but who knows:


(I'm not taking steals into account)


Pete Mroz vs Aaron Konzelman

Connor Christian vs Jordan Matthew Young

Cam Anthony vs Keegen Farrell 

Emma Caroline vs Savannah Chestnut

Avery Roberson vs Ethan Lively


In KOs I could see:


Avery Roberson vs Emma Caroline

Connor Christian vs Pete Mroz

Cam Anthony vs Blake's steal

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