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Who Will Be The Premiere Leak?


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7 minutes ago, FloorWax said:

Kenzie for the reasons mentioned above, and I'm throwing in Gean Garcia because Nick was blocked from getting him.

That´s a good point. Now I´m thinking it could very well be Gean. 3 chair turn, and block used on Nick. Kenzie is going to mainly highlight Kelly and Blake´s rivarly instead of anything regarding Nick.

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8 hours ago, Gustavo527 said:

4 chair turn + three coaches tried to block.... I don't see Kenzie not being the premiere leak

More like premier closer to make some previews before commercial breaks while the show is airing.

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1 hour ago, jus.vshn said:

Lol im almost 100% positive the leak will be Kenzie. For the past 2 seasons the first four chair turns have been leaked.  I’m sure they’re not gonna drop the trend. Especially since this is their first country first four chair turn.

Wasn’t Nelson the second four-chair in S18 (he was the leak and not Todd T. iirc)?

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Personally I think the premiere leak could be any of the following:





Gean was one where Nick got blocked and he has an interesting tone, Kenzie was a four-chair with a block, and Zae’s a four-chair on team Nick.


If Zae’s the leak, it’s unlikely we’ll see Kenzie in the premiere given that’d be half of the four chair turns. Same with the reverse. That’s why I’m leaning Gean over either of them - it’d keep the four chair turners a bit of a mystery and it’d allow for Kelly vs. Blake without Nick being ignored (since Nick got blocked) and the Kelly vs. Blake dynamic is one that TPTB likes to play up because it can be entertaining.


Though Nick used his block on Cam Anthony, I don’t see the leak being Cam since they might try to make team Blake look weaker by not putting either of his two strongest acts in the premiere in an attempt to make Nick’s team look stronger.


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