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🌸 Gihanna Zoë Fan Thread 🌸

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I really hope Gihanna become's Kelly's second horse. Kenzie is a given, and while I really like Anna Grace, I feel like she would flourish more on a different team. I think Gihanna's a type of contestant Kelly would know how to work with.

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Ok we already have some info:

Gihanna sang "Thinking Out Loud" and won her battle 😎 



This suggests that she's taking the pop/showtunes route on the show, which is interesting and definitely different. Song choice is key so let's hope everything goes well tonight. 


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Her song choice caught me off guard :haha:. It was a fine song choice though.

Gihanna sang "Glitter in the Air" and won her KO


Everything is looking well so far so it all will depend on how hard she slayed the Voice stage :thumbs:

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