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Top 5 favorite finale performances(Covers/Originals/Reprises)

Hamza Tufail

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1. Alisan Porter - Somewhere

2. Chris Jamison - Cry Me A River

3. Michelle Chamuel - Why

4. Jordan Smith - Mary Did You Know

5. Matt McAndrew - Wasted Love



Addison Agen - Tennessee Rain

Lauren Duski - Deja Vu

Maelyn Jarmon - Hallelujah

Thunderstorm Artis - WAWW

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1. Laith Al Saadi- White Room

2. Chris Blue - Rythym Nation

3. Ricky Duran - A Woman Like Her

4. Maelyn Jarmon - Hallelujah

5. Jordan Smith- Mary Did You Know?



Lauren Duski- Deja Vu

Thunderstorm Artis- What a Wonderful World

Kennedy Holmes- Confident

Matt McAndrew- Wasted Love

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1. Tessanne Chin - I Have Nothing 


These following performances are in no particular order because they heavily depend on my mood.


~ Chris Jamison - Cry Me A River

~ Jordan Smith - Mary Did You Know? 

~ Chris Blue - Rhythm Nation

~ Todd Tilghman - I Can Only Imagine 

~ Jim Ranger - With A Little Help From My Friends



Josh Kaufman - Signed Sealed Delivers I'm Yours

Christina Grimmie - Can't Help Falling In Love

Matt McAndrew - Wasted Love

Sawyer Fredericks - Old Man/Please

Alisan Porter - Somewhere

Lauren Duski - Deja Vu

Addison Agen - Tennessee Rain

Chevel Shephard - Broken Hearts

Maelyn Jarmon - Hallelujah

Ricky Duran - A Woman Like Her

Todd Tilghman - Long Way Home

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no particular order


matt mcandrew - wasted love

emily ann roberts - burning house 

chris jamison - cry me a river

lauren duski - deja vu 

maelyn jarmon - hallelujah 



jeffery austin - stay 

alisan porter - somewhere 

addison agen - tennesse rain

tessanne chin - i have nothing

chloe kohanski - wish i didn't love you

jordan smith - mary did you know

jim ranger - with a little help from my friends 


if i can mention a duet: jake hoot & kelly clarkson- wintersong

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