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RuPaul’s Drag Race UK Series 2


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Starts tonight!

Just from what I’ve seen pre-season, my early rankings:


1. Tayce - she was top of my list to see on Drag Race UK :wub: So excited for her, stunning queen!

2. Asttina Mandella - gorgeous queen, seems really likeable and excited to see what she does

3. Tia Kofi - I really enjoyed her personality in the MTQ and looking forward to seeing what she brings

4. Bimini Bon Boulash - I’m really interested by her, I loved her MTQ and think she’ll be really fun to watch

5. A’Whora - a look queen for sure! She’s an interesting one to me, I’m looking forward to see how the young fashion queen trope does in the UK format

6. Lawrence Chaney - her MTQ had me dying :dead:

7. Cherry Valentine - that look! :omg: I liked her and think she’ll be good to watch

8. Veronica Green - I’ve seen her in things briefly before but didn’t know much about her otherwise. I enjoyed her MTQ and can see her doing well

9. Ginny Lemon - she’s either going to be iconic or annoying. :dead: leaning towards the first one but I’ll be interested to see how she does. I feel like she embodies a sense of British drag that we’ve never really seen on a show like this and I’m curious to see what she’s like

10. Joe Black - love the aesthetic, really fascinated to see what she brings

11. Sister Sister - I don’t really have any opinion on her yet, but I’m definitely interested to see her

12. Ellie Diamond - didn’t leave a huge impression on me yet but keeping an open mind!



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So far, I really enjoy the cast & queens - the series looks promising!


  1. Lawrence Chaney: Easily my favourite - hilarious, delivered two strong look on the runway, and her performance in the mini-challenge cracked me up. And her heartfelt moment made me root for her.
  2. Astinna Mandella: Absolutely love her! From her entrance look to both of her runway look; she could be one to watch!
  3. Tayce: Loved her entrance look, and her runway looks. Unfortunately, I think she was outshined by Asttina when it came to the Naomi Campbell's looks - love that they didn't fight about it and instead turn the situation into an opportunity to talk about the lack of gay icons of color in the UK. 
  4. Ellie Diamond: A strong showing, and would love to see both her & Lawrence doing good in the competition for Scotland!
  5. Veronica Green: Thought she had a strong first episode, and a musical loving queen? Rooting for her to do well!
  6. Ginny Lemon: She's hilarious and I could see her do well in the long run. I was hoping to see her do Elton John & her hometown look was hilarious.
  7. A'Whora: I am curious how well she will do; wasn't too much of a fan of her first look - it was too messy & trying to do too much with it. Really enjoyed her hometown look - super polish and got exactly who it was, although could have been Peter Pan. And love her name origin - her in the confessional explaining it cracked me up. 
  8. Joe Black: I was rooting for her and still in shock... Both of her look were strong, imo.; Sure the hometown look was not on point but stil.. She was not the worst one, imo. 
  9. Cherry Valentine: Absolutely loved her MTQ and entrance look. However, you choose Freddie Mercury and you give us that look? Girl...  But her hometown look was super strong! 
  10. Bimini Bon Boulash: Was looking forward to her as I loved her MTQ, but she was the biggest disappointment especially with her hometown look. 
  11. Tia Kofi: Meh, she did not impress me at all. Her entrance look was mediocre - that hairy! I did not get her first look - I had no clue who it was until she started saying who it was honouring. And the second look was amateur compare to A'Whora. 
  12. Sister Sister: Meh, not that impressed. Both looks were mediocre and she should have in the Bottom 2. 
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Very interested in seeing how this season goes down, given the six-month break between the fourth and fifth episode. I almost feel like we won't really get an idea of who does well until the post-COVID episodes start.


Initial rankings based off the premiere only, since I haven't watched anything else:

01. Veronica Green

02. Ellie Diamond

03. Tayce

04. Astinna

05. Tia Kofi

06. Sister Sister - Yes she sucked in the premiere but I'm stanning for the drag name alone!

07. A'whora

08. Cherry Valentine

09. Bimini Bon Boulash

10. Joe Black

11. Lawrence Chaney

12. Ginny Lemon - Two seasons of Tammie Brown was more than enough.


Two queens named after the iconic TV show? Jackée Harry as a guest judge when?

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I enjoyed the premiere! A good group of queens.




  1. Tayce - The Welsh Dragon look was probably my favorite out of all the runways. So excited for more of her.
  2. Asttina - Thrilled with her win, I really liked both of her looks and thought she sold them both great.
  3. Tia - I didn't really like either of the looks however, I enjoyed her otherwise and think she'll be fun to watch.
  4. Bimini - Really enjoying her. I actually liked the second look. From the surface I don't know if it looks executed well but I totally got the kind of character she was going with and I feel like I have more of an idea of who she is as a queen now.
  5. Lawrence - Hilarious, and did great with the first two looks. 
  6. Cherry - Seems like a sweetheart. I loved the Freddie choice, even though it's a predictable/easier look it totally made sense with the runway theme for someone to do Freddie and in the "I Want to Break Free" video.
  7. Veronica - I enjoyed her, although not a huge standout in the challenge (the Boy George look was really fun though and like with Cherry, a predictable choice but made great sense)
  8. Ginny - When she called out the girls for talking about Asttina and said they were all intimidated by her talent? She won me over there.
  9. Ellie - Second look was great! Not sure if I would have had her in the top personally, but a good start for her.
  10. A'Whora - Wasn't really a fan of her in this episode. A little underwhelmed by the looks and I'm guessing she's gonna be a villain of the season but I'm gonna have to wait a little while to see if I like it.
  11. Joe - I did feel the judges came down a little hard on her, however I wasn't a huge fan of either look. Saying that, I thought the Bowie look made sense and didn't deserve as heavy critiquing as it got.
  12. Sister - Still not really sure what to make of her, I didn't really like either of the looks and would have had her in the bottom.


16 hours ago, *Chris said:

love that they didn't fight about it and instead turn the situation into an opportunity to talk about the lack of gay icons of color in the UK. 


I loved this! It really felt like they were leading up to some drama and I loved the direction it took.


(although would have been a perfect opportunity for someone to do Mel B!)

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Alright for around to watching the episode.



1.  Tayce - not for challenge performance, but for personality.  She is likable and says she will be inspired by Cruella, and potentially a villain?  Yea I am in.  Most likable of the cast.

2.  Ellie Diamond - I thought Ellie should have won the challenge.  When she walked into the work room, I thought she was trying to be Trixie.  Glad she changed it up in her two maxi challenge looks.

3.  Veronica Green - Boy Veronica is adorable, and a nice personality

4.  Joe Black - Iconic first boot, loved her.  Too bad she blew the challenge.

5.  Lawrence Chaney - I liked her in the maxi challenge, her personality is going to get to me though, I feel it.

6.  Asttina Mandella - she did well, I didn't really care for her challenge performance though.  Luke warm on her at this point.  

7.  A'Whora - I enjoyed her, she will bring drama

8.  Bimini Bon Boulash - the drag name is awful.  But I see potential, hot mess first week though.  Man I hate her detox yellow boy hair though.

9.  Tia Kofi - Tia confuses me.  I like her personality more then a lot of the others, but she is a walking hot mess, she was not good in the challenge.  

10.  Cherry Valentine - cutie out of drag, didn't care for her though in the challenge

11.  Sister Sister - eh, not a fan

12.  Ginny Lemon - her personality is grating.  I do not like Ginny.

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The episode was decent in term of the challenge. The runway in general was meh, nobody really hit out of the park beside two I would say.  The lipsync was refreshing to have a ballad and Memory is perfect song for Rusical. But an occasion lost to have them do a Sheridan Smith's song or cover like Dont Rain On My Parade.


  1. Veronica Green (+4): Seeing Veronica breakout of her shell was amazing. She was the star of the episode from challenge to the runway look. She's one to watch! 
  2. Lawrence Chaney (-1)Not the strongest in the challenge but there's something special about her that I am drawn to; she has the charisma. As well, her runway was decent enough - as Alan said, it was leaps and bonds better than the majority tonight.  I am probably the only one that's team Lawrence regarding her vs. Sister Sister; I understand Sister Sisters' point but she just rubs me the wrong way. 
  3. Ellie Diamond (+1)Another queen that I love that was not the best tonight, but their runway look was easily one of my favourite - lots of ruveal and surprise. 
  4. Astinna Mandella (-2)I still like her a lot, but not the strongest tonight & her runway was a tad bit dissapointing. I was expecting more from her after last week. 
  5. Bimini Bon Boulash (+5): Still on the fence with Bimini Bon Boulash but her performance was worthy of a top spot. Again, I think her runway look was reason why they could not justify having her in the top maybe? BUt thats BS considering Tia was in the Top with a mediocre look. I think if Bimini's surprise would have worked, she would have been the Top 2 of the week. I am looking forward to see if she's able to deliver another similar performance. 
  6. Ginny Lemon (=): I'm still on the fence with Ginny Lemon as I feel that they're going crash & burn sooner than later. Easily one of the top performer in this week's rusical - her runway look may have cost her a place in the top. 
  7. A'Whora (😃 She's a b!tch and she knows it. Performance was mediocre at best but that runway look was easily my favourite of the night; I think that's why every other looks was mediocre.  I expect her to eventually get a wake-up call though. 
  8. Tia Kofi (+3): The performance was there and she was hilarious. But her looks, I am just not a fan - trying to be open minded but she's so basic. Her red look reminded me of Kate Gosselin on DWTS.  I would have her below Tayce but I enjoyed her performance so. 
  9. Tayce (-6)Her performance was meh in the rusical & thought she deserved her spot in the bottom. The runway look was disappointing again, I was lacking the SURPRISE factor like most of the looks. The lipsync performance was great - she personalize it, made it emotional, and did her best to own the stage. Hope this is her wakeup call to step it up! 
  10. Cherry Valentine (-1)Really enjoyed Cherry but it was apparent that she was going to be the one going tonight due to the editing. The runway look was not that bad, in my opinion. Wish she would have fought more in the lipsync (e.g.: do Latrice a la Natural Woman). 
  11. Sister SIster (+1): I actually cannot stand her; she is annoying me & her name reminds me of James Charles. 
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  1. Tayce - that mug is truly one of my favorites in all of Drag Race. I was nervous about her being in the bottom so soon, but that could go down as one of my favorite individual performances in a lip-sync.
  2. Tia Kofi - I'm just obsessed with her and her personality. She did great with her part, I'm just nervous for her on the runway.
  3. Asttina Mandella - not a huge standout to me in the rusical despite one of the more important parts, but still love her and the runway
  4. Bimini Bon Boulash - would have had her in the top for this challenge, it's a shame the runway didn't work out as planned.
  5. Veronica Green - she shone this week! And that ruveal was FANTASTIC.
  6. Lawrence Chaney - not necessarily her week however, I thought she took the right approach to the rusical seeing as she was out of her comfort zone.
  7. Ginny Lemon - her reveal being the same dress :wub: the audacity to wear crocs :wub: Ginny is literally trolling Drag Race at every moment and I love it.
  8. Cherry Valentine - sad to see her go because I really enjoyed her. But overall I feel it was probably fair.
  9. Ellie Diamond - I thought the runway was great. Wouldn't have had her in the top because I thought both she and Tayce fumbled a little bit in the rusical.
  10. A'Whora - still not really a fan, saying that, she ended up impressing me in the rusical.
  11. Sister Sister - I'm struggling to really get her still and didn't find myself too impressed this episode again.
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1 hour ago, *Lily said:

On another note, was absolutely obsessed with Sheridan Smith as a guest judge and how she was having the time of her life :wub:

A queen in her own rights ❤️ 

Edit: Too bad there was no studio recording of her as Elle in legally blonde for the lipsync. 

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My thoughts on the week



1.  Veronica Green - The only great performance in the challenge, and a great runway look.  I like her personality, going to be one of my favorites this season.

2.  Ellie Diamond - I find Ellie very likable, and she did a good job overall this week

3.  Tayce - Misstep in the challenge and runway, but slay on the lip sync.  Probably my favorite right now of the season.

4.  Bimini Bon Boulash - good job this week!

5.  A'Whora - I might be the only one who likes her haha.

6.  Asttina Mandella - meh performance, but I loved her Mileena outfit.  So much nostalgia in that for me.  She's who I thought should have got the cocky away though.

7.  Lawrence Chaney - Good ruveal, meh performance.

8.  Tia Kofi - meh.  Sorry.

9.  Cherry Valentine - Victim of bottom twoing against Taye

10.  Sister Sister - I sort of just forgot about her this week.

11.  Ginny Lemon - I don't understand her, I don't like her. 

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My rankings:

1. Asttina Mandella 

2. Veronica Green

3. Tayce

4. Tia Kofi 

5. Ellie Diamond

6. Sister Sister

7. Lawrence Chaney

8. Ginny Lemon

9. A’Whora

10. Bimini Bon Boulash


I actually like this cast, even if Bimini and Tia have been hot messes every week :haha:

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