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The Voice 19 ● Finale Recap & Winner Chosen ● Discussion


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5 minutes ago, istersay said:

who knows where that hand has been


5 minutes ago, thevoicefan12 said:

im actually enjoying this finale and were almost an hour in

The Voice finale results shows are always fun and entertaining!

5 minutes ago, David68 said:

This is the second song Carter sang on The Voice that's been sang tonight.

Really? Oh wow. :haha: 

4 minutes ago, pepperman said:

I hope P!nk is singing "U & UR Hand" tonight as a tribute to John & his hand.  

That would be amazing! :dead: Always loved that song too. :wub: 

4 minutes ago, Gmm99 said:

Wasn't "You Say" released over two years ago??? She really hasn't let go of this song yet LOL

That's what I was wondering. :lmao: 

4 minutes ago, Someone648 said:

John's version of I Want to Hold Your Hand was really great!

It was. :yes: 

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2 minutes ago, TeamAudra said:

She’s obviously been very successful, but would she get a chair turn on The Voice? If she did, how far would she make it?

She's a Christian singer, so Semis at least. Although not with those vocals would it be easy..... yikes Lauren, she can sing better than this.

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