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Worst Finalist each Season (S11, S12, S13)


Worst Finalist each Season (S11, S12, S13)  

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  1. 1. S11:

    • Sundance Head
    • Billy Gilman
    • Wé McDonald
    • Josh Gallagher
  2. 2. S12:

    • Chris Blue
    • Lauren Duski
    • Aliyah Moulden
    • Jesse Larson
  3. 3. S13:

    • Chloe MK
    • Addison Agen
    • Brooke Simpson
    • Red Marlow

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S11: Josh without a doubt. I love country but he offered nothing new.


S12: Aliyah. Wasn´t a fan of her tone at all. And contrary to most here, I enjoyed Jesse a lot during his season.


S13: Loved all 4. Voted Red because the other three were just phenomenal, but I actually really like him. He´s got the classic country tone that I enjoy.

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S11 - Josh Gallagher - Not actually the worst country artist that could've made the finale but definitely the most mediocre of the 4 (even though I did dislike Billy a lot that season lol)

S12 - Jesse Larson - Not too bad but there were so many others that deserved his spot

S13 - Red Marlow - Duh.

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Josh for season eleven.  Generic country and nothing fresh about him.


Jesse for season twelve.  He wasn't bad, per se, but he was just there, and only managed to make it because of one performance after being kind of average on every other one.


Red for season thirteen.  Enough said.  I don't know how anyone could like this guy, Misirlou.

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29 minutes ago, ATX29 said:

Red wasn't that bad, but being in a finale with Chloe, Addison, and Brooke makes you the worst by default.

yeah, i think all three of them would have been winners on other seasons, and i think you could justify any ordering of their finale placements given how good they all were

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Season 11: Josh Gallagher, who never should've beaten Ali Caldwell in that Instant Save.


Season 12: Jesse Larson. I liked him, but I liked everyone in that finale. BTW, can I talk to whoever chose Chris Blue? I think you might've mis-clicked. :haha:


Season 13: Red Marlow. I really liked Addison and Brooke, and I thought Chloe was OK.

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S11: Sundance, but honestly it could be Billy or Josh as well.

S12: Jesse, because you could put Laith there and I wouldn't see a difference. He wasn't bad I think, but I don't really remember him?

S13: Red, because if him and Noah swapped teams it would be a different story in the Instant Save...

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