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Tamara for backstage correspondent S20

Tamara is the most likeable contestant of all time.

I never thought I’d be voting for Bailey this season, but here we are. 

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Cami was amazing, I love this song and it was BEAUTIFULLY DONE, an excellent job, i'm afraid it won't be enough to beat the others but at least she is leaving on a high note

1 minute ago, moonlighty said:

Lmao when was this performed on the show? (No but like, I actually don't remember this song being performed on the show lol)

Nvm I remembered Max Boyle did it in S17 (Still it was only 1 performance as far as I can remember)

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5 minutes ago, joe14 said:

It's you acting like Carter isn't winning for me. Desz is not going to win. I would rather have more people that I enjoy in the finale. Just vote for who you like. Vote splitting is a myth imo.


I am not saying that. I know Carter is winning, I just want a higher place for Desz. 

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