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Results Poll, Finale Predictions!!!


Which decision was the most crappiest?  

44 members have voted

  1. 1. Which decision was the most crappiest?

    • Gwen saving Ben over Payge
    • Blake saving Jim over Sid
    • Sid not being able to sing for the WC
    • Madeline not being able to sing for the WC
    • Bailey Rae winning IS
    • Chloe not being able to sing for the instant save
    • Desz getting PV over Cami
  2. 2. Who has the best chance to get 2 in the finale?

    • Kelly (Desz and Cami)
    • John (Bailey, Tamara and John H)
    • Blake (Jim and Ian)
    • Gwen (Carter and Ben)
  3. 3. Which team is WINNING?

    • Team Gwen
    • Team Blake
    • Team Legend
    • Team Kelly

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I honestly don't think anyone made a "bad" decision because this year is just that competitive. I would have liked for Madeline, Sid, and Payge to have been there instead of Bailey, Jim, and Ben, respectively, but I respect all of the decisions. I especially can't argue against Ben going through because even though I wanted Payge to go through, I would argue that he outperformed her last night. Sid definitely should have been in the IS over WTW though.

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If the finale is one contestant per coach, I don’t see things changing. 

Gwen - Carter

Kelly - Desz

Blake - Ian

John - John

WC - Jim - TPTB would be fine with Team Blake votes splitting, so they won’t get in the way. 

-If anyone is able to shake things up, it would probably be Jim, because he has a lot more vocal ability than Ian, and Blake will tell his fanbase who to vote for. Song choice is very important for Ian and his 1/2 octave style. 

-Social media can be deceptive at times, but Desz destroyed the rest of her team in most areas, and I’m expecting her to be pimped next week. Cami’s only shot is WC. Minivan doesn’t seem to be supporting her. 

-I thought Tamara had a slim chance of unseating John in the playoffs, but I think that ship has sailed. 

-Carter could make animal sounds on stage for 3 minutes, and still get the PV. Ben has no chance. 

Finale (assuming they the format is the same as S18): 


Winner - Carter

2nd - Ian

3rd - Desz

4th - Jim

5th - John

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