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Who sang "Never Tear Us Apart" better?

Jyn Mycle

Who sang "Never Tear Us Apart" better?  

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  1. 1. Who sang "Never Tear Us Apart" better on The Voice USA?

    • Cami Clune (S19)
    • Jackie Foster (S14)
    • Blaine Mitchell (S9)

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I love both Cami's artistry and Jackie's range and high notes so I can't decide.



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Cami and Jackie are both more of Bishop Briggs' version and Blaine's are more of the original that's why I thought of not including him but let's see.
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i love cami (she's my favorite this season), but i have to go with jackie. cami's performance was far from perfect.


cami's studio = jackie's live performance > cami's live performance.


i felt let down after listening to cami's studio and going to her performance. the note at the very end where she says "apart" was probably my favorite part and she faltered there, and there were a few other shaky parts. still one of the better performances of the night though.

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I mean I love Cami, she is one of my faves this season and she performed the BEST for me last night.


But I have to be honest, this song suited Jackie's voice more. She just have that angst and range that the song requires (this is my favorite performance of hers and was miles better than her Alone performance imo). So, I voted for Jackie.


But, Cami did a really good job and I am extremely proud of her! 

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Funny how they sang the same song on the playoffs and they were the best of the night (imo).


That said, Jackie was better vocally and Cami was more interesting. Not sure who would I pick.


Edit: After watching their performances again, I would say Jackie gave a stronger performance overall.

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