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I know this is unpopular, but Desz is not as good as many think she is...She is good, but we have seen much better on the show.

Im sorry I don't get the John H hype

I felt like we are watching one of those Disney movie scenes where a bunch of bad singers try out for the school musical and then the last girl goes up and blows everyone away

Just now, FloorWax said:

I'm just glad none of my faves flopped. A little underwhelmed by Payge and utterly disappointed that Ryan didn't get to sing though

Same for me. I think Desz lowkey flopped but she should be fine. Everyone else did a decent job

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Legend should never try a Country artist again.


Petition for Team Legend to have both Tamara and John H. to go straight to the final. I wasn’t a fan of her Battle and KO but she has won me over.



1. Cami - 8/10

2. Madeline - 7/10

3. Desz - 6/10

4. Tanner - 4/10



1. Ben - 9/10 

2. Payge - 8.5/10

3. Joseph - 7.5/10

3. Carter - 7.5/10


1. Sid - 8.5/10

2. Ian - 7.5/10

3. Taryn - 5/10

3. WTW - 5/10

5. Jim - 4/10



1. Tamara: 9.5/10
2. Chloe: 8/10

3. Bailey: 6.5/10

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