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5 minutes ago, CDH4 said:

Ryan Gallagher just did a Instagram Story where he said he didn't drop out of the show.  No one is sick.  What happened?

what the heck is going on? k3012.png

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I know this is unpopular, but Desz is not as good as many think she is...She is good, but we have seen much better on the show.

Im sorry I don't get the John H hype

I felt like we are watching one of those Disney movie scenes where a bunch of bad singers try out for the school musical and then the last girl goes up and blows everyone away

Chloe did better than some other teams so far.



1. Cami - 8/10

2. Madeline - 7/10

3. Desz - 6/10

4. Tanner - 4/10



1. Ben - 9/10 

2. Payge - 8.5/10

3. Joseph - 7.5/10

3. Carter - 7.5/10


1. Sid - 8.5/10

2. Ian - 7.5/10

3. Taryn - 5/10

3. WTW - 5/10

5. Jim - 4/10



1. Tamara: 9.5/10

2. Chloe: 8/10

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1 minute ago, CDH4 said:

He sang one line of White Christmas.  If that DQed him, wow.

If that was the case... wow. A penalty/warning would be fine. But throwing someone under the bus because of that and stating that he quitted!?

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4 minutes ago, kclarkson1323 said:

Yeah not sure why the main IDF discord died but everyone is in the different game servers like IdolVison and what ever other ones they play lol

I’ve never even heard of IdolVision lol Are people still doing some of the games we used to have?

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