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Who was/is the most beautiful contestant ever?


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5 minutes ago, anonymouskid_35 said:

Female: Brynn Cartelli (she looks STUNNING in her IG posts) 


Male: Jake Barker, Josiah Hawley, and Viktor Kiraly


Yes maybe in her IG she looked stunning but at her season I don't think so. Even Spensha looked more gorgeous IMO


Jake and Josiah were handsome, but as I prefer black hair I would take Viktor and Ryan any day.

 His "relative" Josh was also beautiful




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15 minutes ago, antikid said:

I'm sorry but this just feels wrong. I know it wasn't ill-intentioned and many people talk about how attractive some contestants are (Maelyn and Ryan just being two very popular examples) but directly comparing two people is a big yikes. 

i agree. i would honestly say that i don't really like the premise of the thread at all

edit: though i acknowledge the thread was probably not made with ill intent

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3 minutes ago, sneaky said:

Steve Marmelo (I think that is his name) 2 years ago or so , had a quirky voice, who was compared to Ben Afleck but he was really cute. That is what first comes to my mind

his name was steve memmolo, if you're referring to the guy from season 15 who sang unaware in the KOs

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