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¿Who sang "Make it Rain" better?


Who sang "Make it Rain" better?  

32 members have voted

  1. 1. ¿Who did it better?

    • Matt McAndrew
    • Koryn Hawthorne
    • Jeffrey Austin
    • Laith Al Saadi
    • Sharane Callister
    • Sid Kingsley

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I actually love every cover of this song, but if I HAD to rank them

1. Laith Al-Saadi

2. Koryn Hawthorne

3. Jeffery Austin

4. Sharane Callister

5. Sid Kingsley 

6. Matt McAndrew


Timmy Hood, a no chair in S17 also sang it but he was far inferior to anyone on this list

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I loooovveeee Matt but that wasn't his best performance.

My favorite performance out of these is of Sid KING SLAY!!! I really loved the choices he made and I'm a big fan of his tone. But the poll asked for who was better on that particular song so I had to pick Koryn because she was objectively the better one.

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