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Dec 2nd Sessions Presents Live Stream Concert


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5 minutes ago, sinycalone said:

So many great photos...thanks, Sandy.

I waited until just a few minutes ago, and I guess my turn never came up in the quue.

Was that for the M&G ..were you given a time limit ,,chat..photo with virtual Scotty etc. ! How was that organised for everyone to get a turn ??

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We were given instructions that each person would be given one minute....with the screen cap photo being done first, then the chat wiith Scotty.聽 I kept getting notices thanking me for my patience, but that was it.聽 I have a feeling that they sold too many of the VIP packages and did not realize how very long it might be to finish them all.

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Getting my picture done with and having a short conversation was certainly worth it! Made my night and the birthday present to myself even better!
Just made the cut off before 12am lol alway great seeing/talking to and joking about seeing each other over various states
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49 minutes ago, Sharon Jiles said:

I enjoyed the concert and the Q & A session so much!! 馃馃憦馃挆

It was awsome Sharon..loved every minute of it . Scotty and the guys were beyond thrilled to be entertaining again ...Their smiles and chatter聽 was contagious.聽馃グ

Also loved seeing this site for Scotty聽 brought to life again even if for a short time. iScottys world here has been like a ghost-town for months.馃槩

Praying daily for 2021.馃檹馃グ

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