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Big Brother Rankdown 2.0

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1. Janelle Pierzina



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Janelle Marie Pierzina. The Queen of Big Brother.  Britney is the Princess and Janelle is the Queen. Big Brother 6 was the first Big Brother I had ever watched so it was my introduction to she show and the game. I was forced to watch this show by my cousins and am I glad they made me watch it. I fell in love with the game, I fell in love with the fights, I fell in love with the drama, I fell in love with the scheming, I fell in love with the strategizing and most importantly, I fell in love with Janelle Marie Pierzina + the Sov 6. What a season to watch. Some people consider Big Brother 3 or Big Brother 10 as the best seasons and while they are not wrong at all, my personal preference is Big Brother 6. The Nerd Herd vs. The Sovereign Six was amazing to watch. They way the power would flip back and forth, the way they hated each other, the way James played both sides and the way they wanted Janelle out so bad but couldn't do it. It was exhilarating watching this season. This was the first season I found out what live feeds were and what the website Jokers was. I would always nervously check when  a POV or HOH was taking place and hoping either the Sov's would win HOH or Janelle, the POV. It was draining but fun. I wouldn't change the way the season played out either because that is what made it so great. Well, I would change one thing. LOL. Janelle was the ultimate underdog with the biggest target on her back and she morphed into this machine that the Nerd Herd couldn't get rid of. It was so hilarious to watch. Janelle competed on Big Brother 6, Big Brother 7: All-Stars and Big Brother 14. The only houseguest to compete on the show three times, besides Mike "Boogie". She is a legend of the game and started the trope of bad ass who is a competition beast. Let us take a look at Janelle's Big Brother 6 journey. Janelle was originally from Minnesota but relocated to Miami. She was a waitress. I'm telling you if you're a waitress on this show you become a bad bitch in the game. Janelle already got people judging her because of her looks good or bad. But like Janelle said, "They're only bitchy because you're prettier". LOL. I already loved her. Ivettte was a waitress too. LOL. In the first HOH competition she was on the surfboard that had Rachel win. That group chose to stick together so she wasn't in danger that week. Things weren't that great for Ashlea. Ashlea was Janelle's secret partner because everyone had a partner that season. Rachel won HOH put up Kaysar and Ashlea and won the POV so she didn't use it. Janelle had to pick between two of the people she was closest with. She chose to evict Kaysar because Ashlea was her partner and Janelle became the first person to lose her secret partner and the chance to win a million dollars. The next week was reversed because Eric won HOH and nominated Janelle and Michael. This week Janelle was on the outside looking in and she developed a relationship with Michael. I think she broke up with her current boyfriend on the air for Michael? Janelle? Girl? I love you, but girl? LOL. James won the POV and kept the nominations the same. Eric had issues with Michael and he was scared of Janelle so either of them leaving were good for him. I still remember Janelle making a big deal about the beds and getting Eric heated on the first day. Michael made the girls feel uncomfortable so he was sent packing. Kaysar was the only vote to evict Janelle as she was up against his secret partner. It was this that made Janelle and Kaysar team up. Kaysar had figured out that everyone had a secret partner and created The Sovereign Six which included Janelle, Kaysar, Sarah, James, Howie and Rachel. Kaysar won HOH and nominated James and Maggie. In the iconic chess POV the Sovs helped James win the veto so he could remove himself from the block. The other side caught on to James + the others and it was done when Maggie approached Kaysar with the line "You just sealed my fate" and Kaysar rebutted with "No, I sealed your partners fate." ICONIC. Eric went home and The Nerd Herd was in shambles. The power flipped again when Maggie won the next HOH. She nominated James and Kaysar but James and Sarah worked to get Sarah the POV. She won and took James off the block. Who was the replacement? Janelle, of course. Kaysar was evicted and James was the only vote against Janelle that vote.  Howie won HOH next and that's good for the Sovereign Six, right? No. Howie is a dummy. I love you, Howie, but gosh what a dumb move. He nominated James and Sarah because Maggie told him to. James won POV and Ivette was the replacement. Sarah went home and and it was the beginning of the end of The Sov 6. The houseguests knew that someone was coming back. Poor Sarah, didn't get the chance to come back. Ashlea chose to not come back. So that left Michael, Kaysar and Eric. Kaysar came back which was good for Janelle. What wasn't good for Janelle was that Jennifer won HOH. She won because she lied to Kaysar in that iconic button holding HOH. Jennifer broke every condition and nominated Janelle and Rachel and when Rachel won the POV she put up Kaysar in her place. It was a repeat of week 4. Janelle vs. Kaysar and Kaysar was sent home again, for good. Janelle finally won HOH during a double evcition week. It was ICONIC. Janelle telling Jennifer to "Give me that key, bitch!"  She flipped Jennifer off and it was great. When Julie Chen told her it was a double eviction week and she would have to nominate right now. The venom in her voice when she said Jennifer's and Maggie's names. LOL. AND THE ICONIC "BYE, BYE. BITCHES!" She won the POV and she chose to evict I mean nominate Ivette. The way she went after all of The Nerd Herd this week. OMG. I don't think some of that stuff would fly now but it was entertaining for the time. Jennifer was evicted and Kaysar was vindicated. PACK YOUR BAGS, JENNY! Beau won the HOH next and Janelle shockingly wasn't in danger. Beau wanted a team gone so Rachel and Howie were nominated. James won the POV and kept the nominations the same. Rachel was evicted and Janelle was left with just Howie. James would go wherever the power was. LOL. I don't blame him. The next week is when the whole house finally came together to take out James. April won HOH and she was kind of friendly with Janelle? A frenemy? April nominated Janelle and Howie and April won the POV. This was back in the day where you could pick your partner for the POV. Everyone purposely didn't choose James and James was left to host his funeral. April vetoed Janelle's nominated and James went up in her place. James was out and but the rivalry with Janelle didn't end there as you will see. It was that week also when Janelle won the phone call from home and made the other side of the house cry. She got a call from Michael. LOL. "DID BRITNEY SPEARS HAVE HER BABY?" LMAO. Howie won HOH and thankfully didn't screw it up this time. Howie had the last team in his sights, Beau and Ivette. He nominated them both and Maggie won the POV. Maggie chose to keep the nominations the same and Beau was voted out of the house. Janelle's arch rival won HOH next week and nominated Howie and Janelle. Ivette wanted Janelle out but it was the face morph competition and she destroyed that competition. She won the POV and the other side was made she didn't use it on Howie. Please. Jedi Janie used it on herself and April was put in her place. The vote went to a tie and Howie was sent home. Janelle her second HOH of the season (AND WAS IN THE FINAL 3) and nominated Ivette and Maggie. Ivette won POV and April was put up in her place. April was evicted by Ivette.  Howie was technically the first person win it twice buuuuuuut let's be real that was Maggie's HOH. So you could say Janelle was the first to win HOH twice and make her own choices. LOL. Janelle was in the final 3 with Maggie and Ivette.  Ivette won Part 1 and Janelle won Part 2. All she needed to do was to win the Final HOH against Ivette and she faltered. Ugh. Ivette won and even Janelle told her taking Maggie would result in second place, Ivette still chose to evict Janelle. I was gutted and she came in third place and became the last person of the jury. I would have loved to see to what would have happened if Janelle won the Final HOH? Could she have swung April? IDK. If Ivette took Janelle she would have won for sure.  Janelle's Big Brother 6 game was a rollercoaster.  She won a lot of things along the way like the PB&J pass, a year long subscription to Netflix, a DVD player, a plasma screen TV, a trip to the Bahamas courtesy of Travelocity, a phone from home, a trip to the set of Two and a Half Men. BUXOM MIXED WITH BRAINS IS A DEADLY COMBINATION AND SHE PROVED THAT TIME AND TIME AGAIN. Janelle along with James and Beau voted for Ivette to win the game but Maggie won having the votes of Rachel, Howie, April and Jennifer. I loved Janelle and she was so robbed of the final 2. The fact if she would have was was questionable since Howie f*cked it up the numbers for them on his first HOH but she still should have been there. I was off the rollercoaster but not for long because she was to compete on Big Brother 7: All-Stars. She was lobbying for a spot on the show with 20 other previous houseguests. It was never a question of whether Janelle would be picked by America to be in the house. Janelle being America's Sweetheart of the last season it was a no-brainer. Janelle and her fellow BB6 houseguests, James, Kaysar, Howie and Ivette was in the running. Janelle was chosen by America and so were James, Kaysar and Howie. Ivette sadly was not chosen by America or the producers. Throwback to when Ivette told Janelle that if there ever was an All-Stars she would be voting her in and Janelle said that she wanted Ivette to be right there with her. AWKWARD. LOL. Why wasn't Rachel offered a spot? They probably didn't want too much Big Brother 6. Janelle and the Sovs were a target going into the game but Janelle made her presence known when she won CO-HOH with Jase. She needed that win because everyone not named James, Kaysar or Howie was going to come after them. I remember Danielle floating around the idea of Janelle and Jase not coming to an agreement on nominations which would make them the nominees. Danielle talked herself on the block along with Alison who I think Janelle did not care for. Janelle won the POV that week and held all the power. She came out of the gate swinging. Alison was voted out and Janelle got a target out in the first week. Kaysar won the second HOH which made Janelle + the gang safe. Kaysar nominated Diane and Nakomis which looking back I don't know why? He was scared of Chilltown? Erika won the POV and kept the nominations the same. All good this week. Nakomis was evicted this week. James won the next HOH and I was living. Another safe week for Janelle and the gang. George and Will were nominated and "Chicken" George somehow won the POV. I think this was the risk it all POV. The other Sovs wanted Jase out and James did them a solid and put Jase up in George's place. The final nominees were Will and Jase and Jase was voted out in a unanimous vote. The BB6 people were acting like they weren't working together but I don't see why. I get it but it was obvious they were working together. Week 4 was the start of the break in James and the other Sovs. Janelle won HOH and instead of nominating Chilltown she nominated one half and nominated Boogie and Erika. OMG . THE FINAL 2. UGH. Boogie won the POV and Diane was put up in her place. Erika and Diane were on the final chopping block and Diane was voted out. James was working with Diane and didn't want her to leave. This caused a rift within BB6 and more so James and Janelle. Danielle won HOH and it was the first time the Sov's didn't have power. Danielle nominated James and Janelle. James and Danielle were working together so that nomination was just for show. The POV compeititon beast Janelle won and Kaysar was put up in her place. OOPS! TOO BAD,  SO SAD! James won a power to nullify a vote to evict and he threw out Janelle's vote to evict James. Howie was the only vote to evict James and Kaysar once more didn't make the jury. THAT MUST SUCK. Janelle won the next HOH even if the HOH had to be redone and it was around this time where Will got his hands on Janelle. It was during this time Janelle was being puppet mastered by Will Kirby. Who better to be manipulated by than the master, I guess? Janelle won HOH and nominated Danielle and Erika. Danielle won POV and who does Janelle put up? The person besides Howie and James that she is closest with? Marcellas. This was not a good move for Janelle but a good move for Will and Boogie. Will put the moves on Janelle and created the term showmance on this show. I actually think Janelle had feelings for Will so I don't like it looking back but it was a game. Ugh. Janelle. I love you and Will is charming but she was being played. Marcellas went home because Chilltown lied to her. At this point Janelle won 3 HOH's and 2 POV's. She has already surpassed her BB6 wins of 2 HOH's and 2 POV's. QUEEN! She was being questionable at this point but still QUEEN! George won HOH  next and George would not nominate Janelle. WE STAN THE CHICKEN MAN. James won POV and George put up Howie. Chilltown promised to keep Howie but they lied to her. SHOCKER. And she still worked with them. BECAUSE WILL WAS SO CHARMING.  It was a 3-2 vote to evict Howie and Janelle was left with James as the last Big Brother 6 person besides her. I remember that George didn't nominate Boogie was because of the Coup d'État which he won prior. It was never used so Boogie flopped. This was a DE week btw so Howie was the first casualty. JANELLE ALSO WON PROM QUEEN THIS WEEK. I THINK WILL WON PROM KING? I don't remember. Boogie won the next HOH and put up James and Janelle. The tensions with Janelle and James were high at this point. This war that srated in BB6 would come to an end when Janelle won the POV. The OTEV POV at that. James was voted out and to put the nail in the coffin, Janelle voted to evict James and didn't even let it go tie. This was also the week that Janelle physically assaulted James ya'll. LOL. Erika won next HOH  and she nominated George and Janelle. Janelle won the POV because duh! 3 HOH's and 4 POV's. DAMN! FEMBOT! It was time for Mike to work his showmance and he got Erika to put up Danielle in her place. This whole game Danielle and Janelle had a war and Janelle won the war because Danielle was voted out. Kudos to Danielle. An awesome player and amazing strategist. Danielle and Janelle had a respect for each other and I love that. Oh, she won the face morph POV again. VAIN QUEEN. Janelle won the next HOH making it her 4th win. She nominated George and Erika. It would have been so great if Erika was to leave this week because it would made Janelle's journey to the end easier. Will worked her so hard and flirted with her and complimented her to make Chilltown safe. Erika won the POV ad she nominated Boogie in her place. Janelle was crushing on Will at this point. George was voted out at this point and Janelle, Erika, Boogie and Will were left at the final four. Operation Double Date worked really well for will. It worked too Will as he called Janelle a psycho because she wanted him to kiss her in the hot-tub. Will didn't need her as much so he was being less patient with Janelle. Boogie won the next HOH and he was in the final three. Boogie won HOH and he nominated Janelle and Erika. Janelle won her 5th POV of the season which was a record at this point. Janelle made the final three again. Erika got in Janelle's ear and they started comparing notes and they discovered Operation Double Date and that they were honorary members of Chilltown. LOL. Janelle made the decision to vote out the best player of all -time, Dr. Will Kirby, The Puppetmaster, Dr. Delicious. Janelle used the POV on herself and voted to evict her showmance, Will Kirby. Boogie was shocked and this would be huge for Janelle in the endgame. Mike threw the final HOH which caused Janelle to take one of her hands of the key she needed to hold on to to win. Erika won the first part of the HOH. Janelle faltered again and lost the second part of the HOH competition. The competition was so made for a male though but alas going to the final 2 was out of Janelle's hands at this point. It was Boogie and Erika for the final HOH and Erika most likely threw it to Boogie. Boogie won and evicted Janelle in third place again. That sucked. THIRD PLACE AGAIN. 4 HOH'S AND 5 POV'S WHICH WAS A RECORD AT THE TIME. Janelle was the last person evicted and the last person of the jury. Janelle went to the jury and she voted for Boogie to win the game which he did in a 6-1 vote. Marcellas was the only vote for Erika to win. On the final day of Big Brother 7:All-Stars, Janelle was named the winner of the final America's Choice vote, a $25,000 prize to a jury member. Always popular with the fans, Janelle won every America's Choice award during Big Brother 6. WERK BB QUEEN! She didn't win the game but she won America's hearts and their vote for America's Choice. She played a flawed gam this time with trusting Will so much but she still made the final 3. I don't think anyone played better than their original season so at least she is not alone in that regard. Haha. After her appearance on Big Brother All Stars, Pierzina won the VH1 Big Reality Star of '06 award. I remember watching that live. So Janelle got third and was considered a Big Brother legend. Can I stop here? Do I have to talk about Big Brother 14? Ugh, okay. I'm going to copy + paast some of my Britney write-up onto here. Janelle Pierzina would return to the game being a coach on Big Brother 14. I was very excited to have Britney, Janelle and Dan on the same season. Especially, Brit and Janelle. Oh, and Mike was there. Supposedly, Will was offered the spot but he declined. So the 4 returnees would return as coaches with 4 houseguests under their wing. This was a hard season for me to watch because it premiered on July 12, 2012 and my father had passed away the day before.  I couldn't even watch the premiere or the show properly for a month. Moving on. Janelle's houeguests were Joe, Ashley and Wil. Janelle's players were okay. I mean they were pretty fickle besides Joe was loyal to a fault. Britney's fangirling over Janelle was amazing to watch before it took a turn. Dan liked Janelle and repeated Janelle as well. Mike and Janelle's relationship was strained. I just wish someone besides Mike could have been a coach. He ruined everything with his boner for Frank. Back to Janelle's team. Yeah, they weren't great and turned on her quickly. Joe is amazing though. Loyalty wise because he sucked competition wise. He helped getting Willie expelled so yay! On day one the team to lose the competition would send a member home. Dan lost and sent home Jodi. Justice for Jodi one of these days. Boogie won the coaches comp and kept Ian safe. Willie won HOH and nominated Frank and Kara. Shane won POV and left the nominations the same. Kara was evicted and Dan was down to players. Janelle's team was still going strong as was everyone else's besides Dan. The next week Frank won HOH. Janelle won the coaches comp and kept Ashley safe. Frank nominated JoJo and Shane. Shane won POV and Danielle was put up in Shane's place. JoJo was evicted that week and Wilie was expelled so Britney was down to players in one shot. Dan and Britney had one player left snd Janelle and Boogie had a full deck. The next week Janelle won the coaches comp again and save Will from eviction. Shane won HOH and nominated Ashley and Joe. Shane won POV again and saved Ashley. It was Frank vs. Joe and the plan was to vote out Frank but there was a twist. The coaches were given the chance to enter the game as players. Britney, Janelle and Dan all voted yes. Mike voted no. Only one yes vote was needed to make the coaches players. The coaches became players and it saved Frank from being eliminated, unfortunately. The coaches thought it would be good to band together but Boogie didn't want to as Janelle didn't want to give up her previous team. It was then that the tide had turned. Britney while aligned with Janelle was also aligned with The Quack Pack which included Dan, Shane, Ian and Danielle. I guess you could say she aligned temporarily for that week with Frank and Boogie. Britney didn't want her gone. Dan didn't want her gone. But Booger put the wheels in motion once Danielle won HOH. Danielle didn't like Janelle from the get go. She would lie about her so much and even Janelle called her out on it during the finale. The house turned on Janelle and it sucked because Janelle had turned up her strategy game imo. Danielle nominated Wil and Frank, Danielle won the POV and vetoed Wil's nomination and blindsided Janelle with a nomination. The whole house played her the watch whole week and it was so hard to watch as a big Janelle fan. Everyone turned on her except except Joe. She was evicted in 12th place.  No jury this time. No third place. Nothing. You can tell she was disappointed and embarrassed. Mike's message to her. UGH. SCREW YOU, MIKE BOOGIE. I HOPE YOU LOSE. WHICH HE DID THE NEXT WEEK. The game continued and Britney dedicated her goodbye message to Boogie to Janelle in a way. Dan gave her a shout-out during the OTEV competition. We didn't see Janelle again until the finale where she called out Danielle for being a delusional liar and stating Dan deserved to win the game. He didn't and Ian won. Only Sandra can win the same game twice. Frank Eudy, won America's Favorite Houseguest of that season. In a season of Janelle and Britney please forgive me if I don't trust Allison Grodner to rig it so that her new pet wins. Yeah, BB14. We don't talk about that. Janelle and Britney would reunite on The Amazing Race 31. My two favorite Big Brother contestants of all-time? I was all over that. They were hilarious as a duo and Janelle was still a comp beast. This was a different game though and they were the fourth team eliminated coming in 8th place. The Amazing Race is such an interesting place to leave off and start on Big Brother 22: All-Stars. On The Amazing Race Janelle, Britney, Nicole, Victor, Rachel and Elissa all competed representing Big Brother. It was there that Rachel/Elissa had beef with Nicole. Janelle seemed to stay out of it, but it seeped into Big Brother 22: All-Stars when Janelle Pierzina returned for the FOURTH time. She is the only US Big Brother houseguest to compete on four different seasons and the one of two to compete on the both All-Stars alongside Kaysar. Even thought this run was even shorter than Big Brother 14 it was still more enjoyable somehow. America's love for Janelle and Kaysar was validated and people loved seeing JAYSAR reunite on Big Brother. It was fun watching them reconnect and complain about how they were 40. :rofl:I thought were going to get an alliance of Janelle, Dani and Day, but fate wouldn't allow it. Dani chose Nicole F. and Nicole F. had this obsession about Janelle since the second she got in the house. Both Dani and Nicole F. did. One could argue Janelle is more obessed about it now on Twitter, but on the feeds it was a Nicole F. and Dani. The Queen had them pressed. :wub: She only last 3 weeks that season but she made the show entertaining before it fell flat. She was safe Week 1 because of Kaysar winning the Safety Suite competition, she was safe during Week 2 because Memphis won HOH, but when Tyler won HOH in Week 3 he nominated Jaysar and they boh failed to win the POV. Janelle was sent home in a 9-2 vote. She was uninvited to Nicole's wedding and she couldn't even be bothered. She even sold the invitation for signed it for charity. CHARTIABLE QUEEN. At least we got to see Janelle in her All-Star costume, we got to see Kaysar and Janelle reunite and we got to see Janelle tell off Nicole. :wub: I don't think Janelle would ever return although she did say she would do Survivor with Danielle Reyes. :haha: Janelle is regarded as one of the greatest players in the history of the show and she is the first player to win America's Favorite Houseguest award. Janelle holds the record for the most individual competitions won in a single season with 9, by winning 4 Head of Households and 5 Power of Vetoes. Janelle also holds the record for most individual competitions won in multiple seasons with 6 HOH's, 7 POV's, and 2 Coaches Competitions making it a total of 15 competitions. She sadly didn't win anything in All-Stars 2. Janelle is currently second for most days in the Big Brother house, she was achieved first but then was beaten by Nicole F. Janelle is the Queen of Big Brother. She is my favorite houseguest of all-time. The greatest player to never win the game besides Danielle Reyes. BIG BROTHER ROYALTY. I will forever love Janelle Marie Pierzina. TEAM BUXOM BLONE FOREVER. TEAM JANELLE. #BB6 #BB7 #BB14 #TAR31 #BB22 Janelle did say she would do a shortened LEGENDS SEASON which Danielle Reyes said she would do as well. GET ON IT, CBS. I don't know if Janelle will win but I do think she will place high. May the force be with the Jedi. Oh, and I wanted to say I loved her friendship with Day and Bay as well. :wub: The end.






Duh. 😘 Janelle has been my favorite houseguest ever for a long time, and her record 4th appearance on All-Stars 2 only confirmed that she still is after all these years. Janelle is the PERFECT type of character you look for on this show. Personality in spades, not afraid of confrontation, a true Comp Queen, and loyal to a fault, Janelle is just an all-around fantastic houseguest in every single season she's on. She is a STAR and is rightfully a fan favorite. There's a reason that she keeps getting invited back for more seasons. Janelle is a Big Brother icon and legend and anyone who thinks otherwise can take several seats. 😘


We first met Janelle in season 6, where she instantly became hated by the half of the house that the awful Cappy had control over. She got into a showmance with Michael in the early weeks and when her secret partner Ashlea and then Michael, Kaysar's secret partner, were the first two evicted, it bonded the two of them. That bond would lead to the single greatest friendship in Big Brother history. Janelle & Kaysar then pulled in Howie, Rachel, James and Sarah to form the beloved Sovereign 6 alliance. While I'll be the first to admit that they are not the best strategists, they are the far more likable alliance on the season. A band of rootable houseguests up against the obnoxious Nerd Herd who were actually highly unlikable but thought America loved them. And Janelle was willing to set her game on fire for her Sovs. She is loyal to a fault, which makes her the perfect ally.


Then came Jennifer's ruthless betrayal of Kaysar. Janelle had tried to be civil with the Nerd Herd to that point, but once Jennifer broke her word and nominated Kaysar, she was over it. She walked around the house hurling insults at the Nerd Herd. And then she got drunk and got into one of the most hilarious fights ever with Beau. Truly one of my favorite Big Brother fights, as they both drunkenly insulted each other and had to be pulled apart by their respective allies. :dead:








Janelle's highlight week of season 6 was the following week. Immediately after Kaysar's eviction, she wins the HOH in a tiebreaker and she and Howie proceed to rub it obnoxiously in the Nerd Herd's faces. Never has an HOH win been so satisfying in that moment. We knew that Janelle winning that HOH meant that she would get to avenge Kaysar and send Jennifer packing like we all wanted to see.


tumblr_nabzltKxqA1thd4h1o4_250.gif tumblr_nabzltKxqA1thd4h1o9_250.gifv tumblr_nabzltKxqA1thd4h1o2_250.gifv


She then righteously nominates Jennifer and Maggie immediately after her win and delivers what is quite possibly the single most iconic line of Big Brother:




UGH such an iconic moment. Truly my favorite HOH win ever because it was such a satisfying thing to see Janelle triumph over the Nerd Herd, even if it was just for a moment. She then proceeds to win veto and use it on a shocked Maggie because she knew that Ivette being on the block was a guaranteed way to get Jennifer sent packing. And it works.


Janelle then watched as her remaining allies in Howie and Rachel got picked off in the following weeks, leaving it to be Janelle vs. the Nerd Herd and if it isn't clear yet who I was rooting for in this scenario, then well, it wasn't the awful alliance. Janelle proceeded to win the Final 4 HOH, guaranteeing herself a spot in the Final 3. She wanted to break up the Maggie & Ivette duo, because she knew that neither one of them would take her to the Final 2 over each other, but unfortunately, Ivette won the veto and Janelle was stuck sitting in the final 3 with them.


Along the way, Janelle easily becomes America's favorite, winning every fan-voted prize much to the annoyance of the Nerd Herd. From the phone call to the tour of the Two and a Half Men set, Janelle's wins left them seething and ranting about how America loves her so much and "why don't they love us?" Janelle enjoying her prize on the set of Two and a Half Men while the Nerd Herd complains about her win is comedy gold and I thank America for giving us that moment. Janelle's mere existence annoyed them to no end and I was here for it.


tumblr_lpmjg5D9jm1qb3f6eo1_r1_250.gif tumblr_lpmjg5D9jm1qb3f6eo2_250.gif


And then she came so close to winning that final HOH. Sadly, she didn't and she was evicted in 3rd place. Janelle's eviction was a heartbreaking moment because it meant then the Nerd Herd won. But while she placed 3rd, she came out of the house as the most beloved houseguest that Big Brother had seen. America adored her and I knew that this wouldn't be the last we've seen of Janelle on Big Brother.




And as fate would have it, the next season was All-Stars. The far superior all-stars than the disaster that was season 22. You know, the one where they actually brought back the true fan favorites and had the fans vote for some of the houseguests that appeared on that season. Naturally, as THE fan favorite, Janelle was voted back in the house and we were blessed with a second consecutive season of her.


Now, this time around, Janelle was fully aware of how much of a threat she was and how big the target on her back was. And the simple solution? Turn into one of the greatest Comp Queens the show has ever had. 4 HOH wins and 5 Veto wins. Janelle truly dominated the competitions this season. It was basically a life-or-death scenario for her every week and she refused to go down without a fight, winning when she needed to win. Janelle vs. the Legion of Doom that season was another epic battle, one that led to her sitting in the final 3 again. And once again, she sadly comes up just short.


tumblr_m7uz049ruV1ql2ui0o1_250.gifv tumblr_m7uz049ruV1ql2ui0o7_r1_250.gifv tumblr_m7uz049ruV1ql2ui0o6_250.gifv


But Janelle once again brought it on the entertainment front. Her showmance with Will was fun. Her and Erika finally comparing notes and realizing that Chilltown was playing them, leading to Will's eviction, was a great moment. And Janelle vs. James in the first-ever OTEV comp was iconic.




Basically, while Janelle once again wasn't the best strategist, she was a joy to watch for a second season in a row. Between turning into a Comp Queen and continuing to be just a fun and entertaining houseguest, she easily kept her status as THE fan favorite and won the first-ever America's Favorite vote at the end of the season.




And then season 14 came along, a season where the twist was that 4 former houseguests would return as coaches. And naturally, Janelle was one of them. This time, her reputation preceded her because she had previously placed 3rd in back-to-back seasons.


Janelle proved that she is still a Comp Queen, winning 2 of the Coaches Comps. Seeing Janelle go head-to-head with Boogie  and come out on top was amazing. Unfortunately, she chose an awful team in Ashley, Joe, and Wil, and they never won any actual power during the entirety of the season. And once the coaches twist was over, she became an easy target due to the gigantic reputation she had coming into her season.


Sadly, Janelle was evicted in 12th place, just missing out on the jury that season. However, it was nice to see her back on my TV screen again. Plus, she dragged Boogie during her exit interview with Julie and it was amazing because Boogie sucks.


tumblr_inline_mukoj3ds0c1s39jdh.gif tumblr_m936hw1qsj1qbkj32.gif


Janelle might have had a short stay in season 14, but she did nothing to damage her legacy as a houseguest, which leads us to...




Janelle returned for a record 4th time and I was so excited - not only for that but because we also got a Jaysar reunion all those years later. Janelle & Kaysar's friendship is so wholesome and pure. While the rest of the house was worried about what they could possibly be up to and planted ginormous targets on their backs, they were just enjoying getting to spend time together and catch up on life. All they wanted was to play the game together but no one will ever let that happen. 😭


34c72fea368129b874053b2263569430a5a89acf 275f5e1f87733cae25104d7c3ed9b54d0eef0147


The Janellousy was real this season. Yet another case of her merely existing made the rest of the house hate her. She really did live rent-free in everyone's heads, to the point where the feeds were unbearable to watch and the only good part was her and Kaysar hanging out together.


But Janelle once again proved that she’s truly the ideal ally who will fight for someone to stay in the game when she gives them her loyalty. She fought for Keesha to stay. She fought for Nicole A to stay. She didn’t care that their evictions were inevitable, she campaigned for them because she gave them her loyalty and that was all that mattered. An ally that loyal is someone you should want to work with, but sadly no one wanted to work with her other than her greatest ally Kaysar because, you know, pre-gaming was a thing this season.


The fact that the biggest ~drama~ was when Nicole Franzel put Janelle on slop and cried victim because of Janelle supposedly being a big, bad bully is crazy. Nicole really thought she did something, but Janelle was unphased and gave us this iconic call-out of her snake-like gameplay and her need to play the victim all the time.


cdf9899fc01c6a9896d0223971366829e69fa497 2158d4bd5b1cc2f0b22e584132b6bb032ea8e895


It's all good, though. Janelle once again left that awful season with her reputation as an ACTUAL Big Brother great intact. And honestly? I'm okay with her not lasting that long this season. I got to watch her return to play the game she loves. I got to see her reunite with one of her oldest and longest friends from the show. I got to watch her complain about the far inferior "new-school" style of playing where they just do whatever the HOH wants. Janelle was one of the very few bright spots of a disastrous all-stars season and reminded me of why I love her and why she's truly my all-time favorite houseguest. :wub:


4e76901da8fbcfc99441e440bcd7ee6d908a561f 58ddeda11517c559b5c61ae1711411d16b90fe9b


Janelle will always be the undisputed QUEEN of Big Brother, no matter how many houseguests think they can dethrone her. 👑 




The CBS Rankdown 1.0 winner.  My favorite Big Brother US contestant ever <three. Janelle is a reality TV legend.  As a three-time big brother player, she made it to the finals in Season 6 and 7, while going out before the jury phase in season 14 and All-Stars 2.  Every season she delivered the good.  From her iconic lines “I choose to evict, I mean nominate Ivette” to “bye bye bitches”, to “James is baby”.  Janelle was a massive competitor setting records for one-time seasons and records over two seasons that no one was able to touch for a long time.  Let us talk about some of the buxom blonde’s stats.  Janelle won four head of household competitions and five veto competitions in all-stars taking her total to nine wins.  She has a 13 wins over 4 seasons for power of veto and head of household wins.  She at one point had the most days plays of big brother at 177 (but has since fallen to 2nd place) behind Nicole Franzel, and was part of the Sovereign 6 alliance that started in Season 6 and carried over to All-Stars.   In Season 22, she and Kaysar teamed up again. They had allies in Day and Keesha.  Unfortunately, the rest of the house are hateful and she went out week 3.  I do not think she will place as well this time. However, I am happy to put her in my Top 2.   




Janelle IS Big Brother. Janelle is the GOAT. No one will ever be able to change my mind. She is the legend, she is the one who I think of when I think of Big Brother. I am so proud she has made it as far as she did. I wish she and Kaysar stood a change in all stars but they didn’t so that was disappointing. It felt that season was decided before they all even walked into that house. I could talk all day about that though so let us move on. Janelle is an amazing contestant, an amazing person and an incredible player to root for. She deserves this placement which is a lot more than some of these people can say.






Janelle won the CBS RTV rankdown, but she was robbed of a spot in the first Big Brother rankdown. So, I'm glad to see her make it to the end this time. Janelle is one of the most popular Big Brother players ever, and she definitely deserves a spot here in the endgame. I really like Janelle, and I consider her to be one of my favorite players. We first met Janelle on Big Brother 6, and she was part of the Sovereign Six alliance. The house was split between two warring alliances, and Janelle managed to make it all the way to the Final 3 as the last one standing of her alliance. The Buxom Blonde quickly became a fan favorite, and she won every prize America voted for. Janelle endeared herself to fans with her sweet demeanor, determination, and unwillingness to be fake. She was herself through and through, not caring what others thought about her or needing their approval. She bluntly spoke her mind in the Diary Room, and she was not afraid of confrontation either. “Bye bye, bitches!” is one of the most well-known Big Brother quotes, and Janelle’s spunky personality brought a lot of memorable Big Brother moments. Janelle was a strong competitor, but her fellow Houseguests underestimated her as they disregarded her as nothing more than a beautiful girl. Janelle proved to be a force to be reckoned with, especially in the first Big Brother: All-Star season. Janelle set a record for most competition wins in a single season with four HoHs and five Vetoes. She came in third place again, sadly missing out on a Final 2 seat two seasons in a row. She did, however, win America’s Favorite Houseguest. Janelle returned years later as a coach in Big Brother 14, but she sadly was evicted pre-jury when the coaches finally entered the game as players. I was looking forward to seeing Janelle and Dan team up, but that alliance never came to fruition. I didn't think we'd see Janelle play Big Brother again, but she came back for a fourth time in last season's Big Brother: All-Stars. Sadly, we know what happened. Janelle was ready to have fun and play the game, but the pre-game alliances screwed her over. She, Kaysar, and Keesha were ostracized right from the beginning, and they could never get their footing in the game due to the way the competitions played out. Janelle's reputation and status as a Big Brother legend is just too big, so she'll always be a prime target for eviction. Nonetheless, Janelle remains one of the most popular Houseguests ever and continues to be an inspiration for future female Big Brother players. Janelle is awesome as she is both entertaining and likable while being a very strong competitor too. I bet she is a Houseguest fans will never tire of seeing again, but I doubt she’ll return to play Big Brother again. Nonetheless, she’s made her mark on the show, and she deserves her status as one of the best Houesguests to ever compete on Big Brother. I've enjoyed watching Janelle on Big Brother, and I liked her on The Amazing Race too. Even though I'm ranking her a couple of spots shy of the #1 spot, I would be very happy to see Janelle win another rankdown.






I am probably the only person in this rankdown that doesn't stan Janelle but I am ranking her third because of a deal. I am assuming because of this deal that I made that Janelle is probably going to win in a landslide since I doubt others will tank her but who knows people might surprise me. Janelle as been on a million seasons of Big Brother and probably should give up as she keeps doing worse and worse. She's not very good at the politics or social aspects of the game. When she was younger she was a comp beast but she doesn't seem to have that aspect of her game anymore so now she doesn't have a lot going for her except her popularity with the fans. 




Janelle's officially overrated I'm sorry :kissbye:. Is this how y'all felt when Kristi won again :dead:. I'll say it, Janelle's had one amazing season out of four. I'm sorry, but that's not an amazing track record. Big Brother 6? A star. A legend. Everything you can want out of a houseguest. Big Brother 7? A puppet. Took out all the women and played puppet to Dr. Will until Erika snapped her back into reality, only to lose at final three again and give us the worst possible final two of All-Stars ever. Big Brother 14? Irrelevant early boot. Big Brother 22? Irrelevant early boot. And this woman dares to pull a Kristi Yamaguchi. I think not!


Now, do I mean everything I just wrote? Of course not :dead:. But I'm salty so let me be in my feelings lol. Janelle's obviously a legend. When you think of Big Brother, you think of Janelle. I obviously don't hold her in as high esteem as everyone else though lol. But every time she's played I have enjoyed her. And Big Brother 6 Janelle is truly on a completely different level. But I ranked her 19th with my public ranking. We really didn't need to go through this whole game for her to win again :dead:.




Janelle is at 6. Janelle is an icon in big brother, and she really should be evaluated on each of her four appearances.

BB6 Janelle is a legend. On one of the best ensemble casts, she managed to shine as the buxom blonde bombshell who wasn’t afraid to fight and who was unashamedly herself, public opinion be d*mned. Absolutely a bb legend and one of the most influential appearances ever.   

BB22 actually improves Janelle for me. Despite only lasting a few weeks, she ended up looking like one of the smartest players (something she never was in her heyday) because everything she warned the underdogs would happen came true. People get hung up on her feud with Ratcole, but those two were always going to be in conflict. Nicole Franzel’s entire persona is used to hide her severe insecurities around women, and everything about her is manufactured to appear more sympathetic, quirky, and #NotLikeOtherGirls. Janelle, meanwhile, is wholly authentic and unafraid to be herself regardless of what social media thinks of her. Those two were always going to have issues and Janelle was always going to be more direct about it than Nicole. Janelle’s last moment being disinvited from a wedding while being completely nonplussed in bad*ss lol. Janelle also demonstrated an old school strategic mind that she couldn’t use because of this cast and modern bb, but she was still fun to root for.

BB14 Janelle is a fun premerger who showed some strategic acumen but bungled her social game (especially with Britney). Still, she gave us some fun moments before going.

BB7 Janelle is pretty bad and is ultimately what brings her down for me. While I give her props for having her signature personality and her unprecedented comp dominance, the way she used her power undoubtedly made the season worse. Boringly working with the Sovs again, enabling Chilltown, while targeting EVERY WOMAN IN SIGHT really hurt the season and contributed to the bad boot order. Putting up Danielle and Alison week one is a crime, her move to take out Diane was really bad for both entertainment reasons and it turned all the non-Sovs and James against her, and her manipulation at the hands of Will. She would have been a better winner than B**gie, but she was really disappointing here. I liked her, but she actively made the season worse, so I can’t root for her here.








In at #6 is another BB legend - Janelle! Janelle is obviously a full-out icon of Big Brother. The only four-time player, we have seen her in BB6, BB7, BB14 and BB22. In her first appearance, she is a joy to watch. Probably cast as the stereotype 'pretty blonde', Janelle shows her smarts and strategies in the game early on, all while having lots of lucky moments and keeping the other side of the house pressed. She becomes a huge fan favorite, winning fan-voted competitions that lead to iconic moments such as asking about Britney Spears' baby on her phone call home to a guy that she knew for two weeks. This fan favorite quality makes her a shoe-in for next year's All-Stars season, where she dominates in competitions, making it all the way to top 3 again and winning the first America's Favorite vote!


Janelle's iconic reign in the game makes her a big target for any future appearances as seen when she returns as a coach in BB14, and then in All-Stars 2. As soon as coaches become eligible to play the game in BB14, she becomes a target there, and then in BB22 she finds herself very quickly on the outs, leaving the game in the third week after a long-standing feud with Nicole F. Janelle is an icon and I loved her social media commentary after the season. I've been back and forth since then - I think Nicole seemed to be the one doing all the talking in the house, and then since then Janelle has been doing the most of it. I think they are both good characters in the house and although I am on Janelle's side, I am surprised this is still going on here and there. But that is just one small part of Janelle's iconic journey - truly a badass player and love seeing her here.








The ever so iconic Janelle is one of my all-time favourite houseguests, like many individuals in the Big Brother fandom.  She’s legendary for many reasons whether it is for her competition wins throughout her time in the Big Brother house, first player to ever reach 200 days in the Big Brother house, loyal to her alliance, winner of the first ever America’s Favorite Player, made the Final 3 twice among other things – honestly, her track records speaks for itself and I could go on and on why she’s one of the best. 

Seen as one of the best female Big Brother player ever,  there’s a reason why in the 14th season and 22nd season of Big brother she had one of the biggest target on her back – they knew once she started winning competition, there was nothing stopping her and could have been a threat in the long run. 


And now, I am ranking her a bit lower than she normally would as she won the CBS rankdown & I would love to see someone else win; I cannot really bring myself to rank her any lower than this.  


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Just now, 1234567890 said:

I wish this were true for BB14 and BB22. :dead:

Same. :dead: 


But even though she was a pre-jury boot in BB22, she was still one of the best parts in such an awful season and I will not hear otherwise. :haha: 

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Yay my #1 won! GODDESS JANEY :wub: Although I would have been perfectly happy with any of my Top 5 winning since Janelle won the CBS rankdown (I can't remember if I voted as the public in that one) Congrats to Victoria on successfully getting everyone in the rankdown to vote Janelle in their Top 6 :omg: Although Janelle is just universally loved (except by Alex) so this does not surprise me too much. Janelle is the Shangela of BB ❤️ Victoria even checked in on me that I voted Janelle at #1, DUH GURL. I'm guessing Alex prob had Janelle at 20 in the public vote to drag her down a little :giggle:


QUEEN BRITNEY ALSO though, this was an amaze Top 2 (and 3). We were just missing Will from the Top 4 💔 I think Janey and Will are def my Top 2 and Brit is probably my 3/4 overall, I'm struggling to compare her versus Dan, who was robbed from this Top 20 :( But anyways, amazing Top 2, rankers did a fab job, thanks for helping me do absolutely no work and getting such an amazing Top 3 and perfect winner in this rankdown!

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Just now, JC said:

I'm guessing Alex prob had Janelle at 20 in the public vote to drag her down a little :giggle:

No one was getting ranked lower than Am*nda by me :kissbye:. Janelle had three number one's from the public, but she also had two 19's that hurt her.

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2 minutes ago, *Amanda said:

But even though she was a pre-jury boot in BB22, she was still one of the best parts in such an awful season and I will not hear otherwise. :haha: 

Agreed. :yes:

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Just now, Alex95 said:

No one was getting ranked lower than Am*nda by me :kissbye:. Janelle had three number one's from the public, but she also had two 19's that hurt her.

LOL I even put Amanda at 20, couldn't justify putting anyone lower after hearing all the vile stories about her. Even though I knew she was no threat to win and I usually have no issue bussing threats.

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1 minute ago, *Amanda said:

The narrative becoming that Alex doesn't love Janelle. :dead: 

My writeup for her in the CBS game is very complimentary :dead:. Read that one if any of y'all don't enjoy this shady one :claybleh:

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Just now, QueenKalie said:

I wanna join Alex in that club.

Well, everyone knows you don't. :dead: 


Alex has been vocal about not wanting a Janelle win and that somehow became him not loving her. :dead: 

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2 minutes ago, Alex95 said:

My writeup for her in the CBS game is very complimentary :dead:. Read that one if any of y'all don't enjoy this shady one :claybleh:

I’ll read that one instead. :wub: 

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