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Big Brother Rankdown 2.0 (QK's Noms Posted)

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Tyler Crispen


Well let's just get rid of him now because he is basically everything Allison Grodner loves and everything I hate so clearly he had to come back to all Stars over actual legends. Because ofcourse.  He was on season 20 of Big Brother which was so bad. Literally terrible. Honeetly only saved Kaycee because she beat him and he was so cocky and kind of a sore loser so he can go. He also was responsible for queen Da'Vonne and Bayleigh nominated so I automatically dislike him. I can't believe he won America's Favorite Houseguest, I mean Allison's lol America clearly can't be trusted most of the time so I guess I should believe it. Luckily he didn't make it a repeat on all Stars.  Bye now 

Saving: Kaycee Clark

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Hmm considered a few options here..but public immunity for Bayleigh Dayton.  

I'm giving my public immunity to someone who is always robbed of the finals whether it be in the Big Brother Rankdown or CBS Reality TV Rankdown: DANIELLE REYES!

Just bumping this up now that the holiday season is ending 👀   @Solaris @*Diana @Steven_ I still have your apps so feel free to just like this post if you're still interested.   And

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Steve Arienta



Steve appeared on Big Brother 20, and I am once again the token older male in the cast who didn't make an impression. He was put up on the block against Sam in the first week, which saw the Level Six alliance blindsiding him and others in the house to vote him out in a close 7-6 vote. Pre-jury of this season was pretty good just to see all the close vote counts which unfortunately seem to be missing in more recent seasons and the 'voting with the house' mentality. As far as I know, nothing really of importance or relevance with Steve, a forgettable first boot who is easy to cut at this point!

Save Winston Hines

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