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S19 Knockouts Night 2


Who gave the strongest KO tonight?  

56 members have voted

  1. 1. Favorite Performance from Night 2 of Knockouts?

    • K1W: Desz - Can We Talk
    • K1L(S): Sid Kingsley - Make it Rain
    • B1W: Jim Ranger - Humble and Kind
    • B1L: JusJon - Finesse
    • J1W: Bailey Rae - Let Me Down Easy
    • J1L: Lauren Frihauf - Cry Baby
    • B2W: Ian Flanigan - Beautiful Crazy
    • B2L: James Pyle - In My Blood
    • G1W: Joseph Soul - lovely (montaged KO's winner)
    • K2W: Madeline Consoer - Die From a Broken Heart
    • K2L: Kelsie Watts - You Oughta Know
    • G2W: Carter Rubin - You Say
    • G2L(S): Chloe Hogan - Weak

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3 hours ago, FloorWax said:

It's really tough to pick a favorite but here's my ranking as of now:


1. Desz (A)

2. Sid (A-)

3. Chloe (A-)


4. Madeline (A-)

5. Carter (A-)

6. Jim (B+)


7. Bailey (B)

8. Ian (B)



9. Lauren (C+)

10. James (C)


11. Kelsie (D+)

12. JusJon (D)


I rewatched all of these and I'm going to give my comments. (Also reordered it a little)


1. Desz - I fully prepared myself to be underwhelmed by this one, and I'm glad I did that because it made it all the more amazing to my ears. This is her first performance where I thought she truly nailed all of her highs.


2. Sid - He showed restraint in this performance and I'm glad we got to see that side of him. My only complaint is I wish he could've swung for the fences a bit more at the end, but overall a great showing.


3. Chloe - She SHOWED UP! She took the song to unexpected places, and she showed range that we haven't seen before from her, which are the exact reasons I would pick her over Carter. 


4. Madeline - She also surprised me with how good she did. I knew she had something in her from her blind, but I didn't expect her to be THAT good.


5. Carter - This was excellent. Probably the most technically perfect out of anyone today. It's just not my style of song/performance.


6. Jim - Very well paced performance. He managed to hit some big notes without it sounding like oversinging.


7. Bailey - Mediocre.


8. Ian - Mediocre.


9. Lauren - She started good, but the high notes were painful.


10. James - Yeah.... that wasn't it.


11. Kelsie - Yikes... That was really bad. I'm sad she got forced into that song.


12. JusJon - Also a yikes. I'm surprised he even made it to KO's.

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DeSz - 10: A queen, an icon, beautiful runs, avenged our montaged Queen Myracle. 

Chloe - 9.5: She showed off so many other parts of her voice; I had no idea how powerful her chest voice could be and her head voice is so pretty! Not to mention her stunning outfit! 

Carter - 9.5: Surprisingly good, compared to his previous rounds' stuff.

Madeline - 9.5: Great emoting on this song. 

Sid - 9.5: He was good, but I preferred his blind to this.

Jim - 9.5: I liked his performance, he comes off as very genuine and he was very powerful. 

Kelsie - 9.25: I really liked this! I know this is unpopular, but I thought she did well with a difficult song, although I could hear some off notes.

James - 8.75: I don't remember his performance, it clearly wasn't anything special. He can do better than this though, that I remember.

Bailey - 8.75: I like her twang, and it was a smooth performance.

Lauren - 8.75: I really really wanted better from her. I loved her BA and her battle even more, but she really let me down here. I pretty much blame the arrangement only because she sounded great in rehearsals on the original imo, but she instead sounded shaky on the original one, going for the softer notes. 

Ian - 8.75: Love his tone, but I wasn't super thrilled with this performance. I don't think it lends itself to super impressive performances, they're usually pretty linear.

Jus Jon - 6.5: This wasn't it, but I didn't think it was as bad as many people made it out to be. A pretty strong "flop" if you ask me.




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1- Carter Rubin _ DAMN! That was AMAZING, seriously Jordan vibes. That was his Breakout performance for sure and I really loved the amount of emotion that he put in his performance. Btw it felt like Gwen really LOVES Carter and now I think I don't need to get worried about him because after that performance he is definitely gonna get the PV.


2- Jim Ranger _ He also had his breakout performance. It was so emotional and I really loved that he chose to more emotion than power. Truly STUNNING! Btw like Carter I think he also secured his spot at the PV.


3/4- Sid Kingsley/Madeline Consoer _ Seriously can't decide between the two. Both were AWESOME! Sid was Great as usual and Madeline definitely knocked it out of the park as well.


5- Desz _ Woah! I never thought that I would love her performance THAT much. She definitely improved vocally and she also improved her Stage Presence as well.


EDIT: Lol I forgot Bailey


6- Bailey Ray _ I preferred Sid but she can definitely SING for sure. She did a good job tonight.

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1. Madeline: I definitely didn't expect to love this as much as I did. That was a near perfect performance imo. I really felt what she was singing, and for me that's the most important thing about music.

2. Desz: I don't know the song but she made me like it. It's unbelievable how she went from those low notes at the start to those big glory notes. And that amount of control is perfect.

3. Jim: I think this might be his breakout moment. What a powerful and authentic performance.


4. Chloe: I kinda forgot about her before this tbh. But she really turned it out, that was a lot better than I expected. Not sure about her chances going forward though, as I don't know if she's popular enough to get votes.

5. Carter: He's more believable this time round, but I was a little distracted by his hand gestures though. Easily his best so far. And lol at Gwen's "my baby" when Chloe hadn't even sung yet.

6. Bailey: A pleasant and enjoyable performance imo. It's nothing groundbreaking, but I like her enough.

7. Sid: He definitely tried to tone it down a little, but this time I have a new pet peeve, which is every time he sang "oooooh..." before a line. It's quite a lot and it's distracting for me. But still a good performance overall.


8. Ian: He's still got one of my favorite tones out of everyone, but yeah this wasn't really a step up.

9. Lauren: The arrangement threw me off, it sucked out the fire and intensity out of the original. Unlike her battle, I didn't believe or feel a single word she sang. And her stage presence didn't sell it either, she was basically just standing still in one spot with the whole time. You can't do that with this classic.

10. Kelsie: Oh dear. She's got a great voice, but her delivery was so theatrical and melodramatic that it came off as try-hard and a little desperate.

11. Jus Jon: I loathe this song so much, and he didn't do anything to change that.

12. James: Yikes, that was rough. They might have done him a favor by shortclipping that.


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I agree with most things said so let me just go over some unpopular opinions:


Chloe wasn't all that, interesting sure and I don't mind her advancing and she is better than some people that advanced but definitely not among the best knockouts this season or even this episode.


Imo, Sid recovered from his battle, I was afraid this would turn into shoutfest too, he did do great but still not better than Desz


Lauren was very interesting, even though her performance only came alive in the second half and Bailey was vocally better, I still like her better than Bailey


Impressed with Carter (i know idf is split about this so not necessarily an unpop opinion), definitely his best so far



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8 minutes ago, antikid said:

Chloe wasn't all that, interesting sure and I don't mind her advancing and she is better than some people that advanced but definitely not among the best knockouts this season or even this episode.

I agree, she was yet another example of someone getting overhyped before a round and then not meeting the high expectations. 😅

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1. Sid (Pretty much perfect. That’s all I have to say)

2. DeSz (Now we’re talking. By far her best performance so far. And those hip moves :wub:)


Great job!

3. Carter (Not as good as I thought during the episode, but he’s crazy talented)

4. Madeline (Really enjoyed this, specially some of the softer moments)

5. Jim (Undeniably his best performance so far)
6. Chloe (If she was as good in the first half as in the end she would be higher. Still pretty solid)


7. Bailey (Sleepy)

8. Ian (Disappointing)

9. Lauren (The arrangement sucked the life out of the song and this wasn’t good, but I expected worse given the song choice)

10. James (Ugh)

11. Kelsie (This was really something)

12. JusJon (^^^)

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1. Sid Kingsley (it's only because I'm biased and he's my fave since the beggining)

2. Desz (even if the song was not my cup of tea I have to leave her here)

3. Lauren Frihauf (it wasn't best but I really enojyed it, it was something different idk)

4. Jim Ranger

5. Kelsie Watts (I LIKED IT, she was so into it and so much energy, so sad to see her leave)

6. Chloe Hogan (it wasn't like OMG AMAZING *throws shoe*, but damn)

7. Carter Rubin (he's good, but idk he is just a kid and he sounds like a kid and it's not a kid show ok? but he is good)

8. Jus Jon (It wasn't that bad ok?)

9. Madeline Consoer (I tried to like it but I got really bored I'm sorry)

10. Bailey Rae (same as Madeline, but actually worse)

11. Ian Flanigan (I love his voice, but not in this performance, do better next time) 

12. James Pyle (umm it's gonna be a no for me, but thank you)

Montage - Joseph Soul - I wanted to comment that but I don't even know what to say, it was weird XD

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1 hour ago, Yti said:

5. Kelsie Watts (I LIKED IT, she was so into it and so much energy, so sad to see her leave)

I also liked it. I don’t think she should’ve beaten Madeline, but I liked her energy and there was one part of the performance where her voice gave me goosebumps. 🥺

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1. Madeline Consoer - Die From a Broken Heart

2. Carter Rubin - You Say

3. Jim Ranger - Humble and Kind

4. Desz - Can We Talk

5. Chloe Hogan - Weak

6. Sid Kingsley - Make it Rain

7. Bailey Rae - Let Me Down Easy

8. Kelsie Watts - You Oughta Know

9. James Pyle - In My Blood

10. Lauren Frihauf - Cry Baby

11. Ian Flanigan - Beautiful Crazy

12. JusJon - Finesse

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