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DWTS29 Week 11 - Top 4 Finale Discussion Thread

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I'm tearing up right now, congratulations to Kaitlyn and especially Artem.  My mother and I would watch DWTS together every week and waited each season for it to be Artem's time.  When he was cut befo

Chrishell be like “what’s my life been like since being on DWTS? Haha! Well, non-stop constant online harassment!!”

A third ABC alumni won in a row?  

4 minutes ago, lhdang2000 said:

Hmm it was very clear Kaitlyn slipped when they started the break dance but the judges didn’t call her out on this...


Kaitlyn won this season the moment she was announced as being in the cast back in July.     She could stumble around the stage like a drunk and would still win lol.  

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1 minute ago, ungodlyhour said:

tbh one of the most criminal things this season is skai having an average score of 23.6 while nelly's is 23.5 

The gross double standards this show has never surprise me,


I mean, yeah Skai forgot 2 of her dances, but everything else she did was much better than what Nelly has done.

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Great and fun Freestyle from Nev & Jenna. This was a dance that suited him really well, and he danced and performed that really well. I did really enjoy the second half of it, especially.


Jenna talked of losing her light and love for dance? 😮 :( 

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Just now, Alex95 said:

Joe’s been #cancelled as a Candace Owens fan last I heard.

Why am I not surprised :wacko:


I don’t know Jenna. It’s like she’s throwing all of her other partners under the bus for Nev. They were out of sync before they were dancing under the rain. I like all the freestyles last season and none so far this season 😄

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