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DWTS29 Week 11 - Top 4 Finale Discussion Thread

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I'm tearing up right now, congratulations to Kaitlyn and especially Artem.  My mother and I would watch DWTS together every week and waited each season for it to be Artem's time.  When he was cut befo

Chrishell be like “what’s my life been like since being on DWTS? Haha! Well, non-stop constant online harassment!!”

A third ABC alumni won in a row?  

Oh dear another new outfit from Tyra. That's 3 now! Should have expected she would do more than the usual 2. :haha: 


Nelly & Daniella Freestyle up first! 


Awww this video. I've grown to really like their partnership and friendship! :haha: 

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OK  Nelly danced to some JAMS there! :bobo: 


Daniella was SMOKIN' Hot in that!  :omg: 


That dance suited Nelly well. I mean the dancing wasn't great but wasn't expecting it. It had a cool Hip-Hop flair that suited him and had a lot of mix of moves there. There were a lot of risky lifts/tricks in there. That last move where he didn't use his arms while she was up in that lift was crazy.


Def  saw the perfect 30 coming. Predicting all the freestyles will get perfect scores. :haha: 

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4 minutes ago, lhdang2000 said:

Hmm is it me or Daniella adds too many ballroom content in that freestyle? There are too many holds and Nelly is not good at that. The freestyle feels slow because of that.

Yeah there was a lot of ballroom content in there, which doesn't really suit or fit for Nelly. 🙈 


2 minutes ago, rpryor03 said:

YAS at these Bachelorette previews. So excited for the rest of the season with Tayshia.

Tayshia! :wub: 

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