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DWTS29 Week 11 - Top 4 Finale Discussion Thread

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Nev reprising his Paso Doble was def an obvious choice but this was an amazing dance from  him  once again. Loved it! :yes: Still amongst one of my very faves from him!


OOH And yes i loved the change at the start with Nev in the opening solo. I did notice a little change there haha.

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I'm tearing up right now, congratulations to Kaitlyn and especially Artem.  My mother and I would watch DWTS together every week and waited each season for it to be Artem's time.  When he was cut befo

Chrishell be like “what’s my life been like since being on DWTS? Haha! Well, non-stop constant online harassment!!”

A third ABC alumni won in a row?  

2 minutes ago, *Amanda said:

Great dance from Nev.


It’s still too much to ask for them to just admit he majored in dance in college though. LOL.

He’ll announce it after the voting closes. :giggle:


Even if male ringers never get punished for dance experience.

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12 minutes ago, rpryor03 said:

Nev is 100% going to attempt to get a Broadway part after this, isn't he?

It is what he's been talking about the last few weeks. 🙈

6 minutes ago, Solaris said:


Stop trying to bring us down.

Lol I'm not. Just preparing you just in case. :haha:


5 minutes ago, Alex95 said:

Queens supporting queens

Ally. ❤️ 


Hopefully the Ally haters see this and can lay off her.... but probably not. 🙂 

3 minutes ago, ILuvCarrie4eva said:

Funny little stat: Chrishell's Week 1 Tango is the lowest scored Tango of all 29 seasons.

Oh wow, didn't know this but thanks for this fact. 😮 

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Really great and fun Cha-Cha from  Justina there! :yes:❤️ Definitely improved. She brought the sass, energy and style for the dance. LOL I loved the added singing bit she did at the middle/end'ish of the dance. That was fun. :lmao: 

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2 minutes ago, Solaris said:


Wally being a downer y'all.

I am not but okay. 🙂 


Just now, rpryor03 said:

Why did they dedicate a good portion of this retrospective to Tyra's outfits?

OMGGG They did not. :dead: Totally Tyra's idea. :haha: 

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