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The Voice 19 ● The Knockouts Part 2 ● Discussion

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7 hours ago, Vinyl said:

Okay, Voice historians, when was the last time there was a KO montage, because those are actually worse than battle montages. As you saw tonight, one performance was montaged and one performance was completely removed from the episode. 😡

Most seasons have one. Caroline Burns vs Katherine Ho, Zach Seabaugh vs Chris Crump, Jon Mero vs Dylan Gerard, Sophia Urista ca Josette Diaz, etc. They usually montage someone who had their audition shown, but was montaged in the battles.

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wow....i can't believe i'm typing this...but he is my fav of the night so far 

Um yeah, that was really good. Also for 14 that's a really good understanding of dynamics, to go big, pull back etc 

Driving dogs insane, and making the ears bleed of everyone who is tuned in.

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3 hours ago, ashwinner said:

apparently anaya wasn't great, but mandi was amazing

I'm not surprised, I watched her version of Praying on her channel and it was meh. She is good, but her voice was lacking the power this song needs. Mandi won that easily.

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On 11/24/2020 at 12:09 AM, Teraginn said:


You can use the genyoutube site to convert YT videos to mp3. Just add the word "gen" before the word "youtube" on the URL link, and it will take you directly to the site for conversion. You have to edit the mp3 yourself if you want only the songs and no coach feedback using a different site. Hope this helps!

Thank you SO much, but I don't know how to edit an mp3  :(

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