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wow....i can't believe i'm typing this...but he is my fav of the night so far 

Um yeah, that was really good. Also for 14 that's a really good understanding of dynamics, to go big, pull back etc 

Say hello to our new frontrunner. 

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Just now, jus.vshn said:

Yeah he gives what u expect from a kid. Nothing over the top extraordinary 

Like he is definitely a performance away from a trainwreck in my opinion. I would watch him closely in the lives.

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Just now, SNI2 said:

Oh, man. I'm so torn over this. I'm not into Carter, but I'm into Gwen's winning and I'm not even the person who vouches for the coach. But when it comes to team Gwen, I'm definitely more of a Payge Turner kind of person. 

queen gwen deserves recognition, whether with payge or carter (with ben... disputable)

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Just now, Carlos3500 said:

So far I think the finale will be Carter for Team Gwen, Desz for Team Kelly, Sid for team Blake, and whoever wins of John vs Cami for team John

I'm still wainting for the 4-way result to judge by Ryan and Taryn standarts, but yes, until now, pretty much. 

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Just now, ashwinner said:

carter can definitely sing live imo, but the only concern is his voice changing. if that occurs on the show, it's probably going to be harder. otherwise, i can see him continuing to shine 😄

That´s what I was thinking as well. That might end up being a problem for him, considering the show was taped months ago. We´re going to hear a deeper voice come out of him next week.

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