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wow....i can't believe i'm typing this...but he is my fav of the night so far 

Um yeah, that was really good. Also for 14 that's a really good understanding of dynamics, to go big, pull back etc 

Say hello to our new frontrunner. 

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Just now, Daillon said:

I can’t complain about John picking Bailey, but she’s the worst country singer standing

She is the worst country singer standing, for sure. It somehow proves John doesn't get country or he just thinks he might pull it off with a country singer. 

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Just now, ashwinner said:

john pulled a miley 🤷‍♂️

lauren wasn't as great on this performance though, so i guess it's good she didn't continue with john - john would probably have only made her regress imo

So you are saying Chloe = Lauren. That is so off base...

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