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Singers Who Should Put Out A Music Album By The End Of 2020 Or In The Year 2021

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Artists Who I Feel Should Put Out A New Music Album (Especially If It Has Been A Few Years Or More Since They Released Music)


1. Britney Spears (Last Album was in 2016)



2. Rihanna (Last album was in 2016)


3. Adele (Last album was in 2015)


4. Jennifer Lopez (Last album was in 2014)


5. Demi Lovato (Last album was in 2017)

Demi Lovato (@ddlovato) | Twitter

6. Nicki Minaj (Last album was in 2018)


7. Hanson (Last album was in 2018)


8. Jesse McCartney (Last album was in 2014)

Jesse McCartney - Wikipedia

9. Brett Young (Last album was in 2018)


10. Jennifer Hudson (Last album was in 2014)


11. Cardi B (Last album was in 2018)


12. Janet Jackson (Last album was in 2015)


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