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"" - Ryan Berg, Season 19

Until Carter cries. 

Payge to the rest of the competition

Just now, Someone648 said:

Probably just to save from the pitchiness. I just got home and double checked one of the old sources to see which person they said went first to gauge how much time I had before Tamara's and so I took an extra minute and opened since it said Casme was the first performer. I assumed they'd keep it like that but guess not lol.

Yep, they didn’t want a bunch of people changing the channel. 

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1 minute ago, moonlighty said:

Didn't catch Casme but Tamara went OFF

Tamara - 9 (Ik general consensus is probably that this grade is too high, but eh, it's just my opinion)

I rewatched it and actually listened to her. It wasn’t as bad as the first time I listened. She really killed that

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Just now, Angelbright said:

They edit it to make it seem that way he chose Tamara pretty quick actually 

I've been watching since season 1, so I'm aware of the editing tricks...I just meant that Casme was so bad he would look dumb if he pretended to be confused.:thumbs:

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