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The Voice 19 ● The Battles Part 3 ● Discussion


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Some random thoughts about today’s episode:

- One of the best battle episodes in a long time. Every battle was at least decent.

- Marisa was fantastic, by far the best of the night. Cami and James were really strong as well, even if the arrangement wasn’t the best.


- Ryan G. was the only disappointment of the night. He gave an average performance imo. He won in the app by a lot tho, which makes me think he will win the 4WKO (and he will be a contender for the crown :stealth:)

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1 hour ago, Hamza Tufail said:

About Cami and Maelyn. I don't think John said she is equal to Maelyn he just said Cami reminds him of Maelyn.

I think people knew what he meant. People on this board have a habit of being excessively critical of others at the mere mention of Maelyn's name. It's really annoying and weird tbh. 

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