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3 minutes ago, Ottoship said:

This season is ok....better than S17 but worse than S18


Lmao S18 is literally the most boring season for me. S17 > S19 > S18 


Season 17, we had Rose, Katie, Mendeleyev, and so much more. Myracle and Max too (underrated gems)


but, this is MY own opinion so yeaaah

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Just now, FloorWax said:

John Holiday handily won that battle. That song choice wasn't it for Julia, she sounded really weird for most of it.

I thought both sounded off but the song was less "off" for John, so I can see how he won it (this is the only battle in app that I sat out on since I wasn't sure who to go with).

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12 hours ago, moonlighty said:

Yess, one thing I loved abt Season 13 was how varied the finale was, I don't think any rock, folk or indie act went as far as Chloe and Addison did ever since


Maelyn says hi.


But agreed. This show gets me tired because every season a male country reaches the finale while a black woman is voted off in bloodbath or best case scenario ends up being the runner up losing to a country boy.

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12 hours ago, Rodney said:

I can tell this show continuously does Gwen dirty.  Kelly, Blake, and John each get a pair tonight, but Gwen's is relegated to a montage?  Bad form, NBC.

Gwen has only had one pair shown over 3 hours of coverage this week.  I can't imagine them showing three battles for her on Monday so at least one more of her battles will be montaged.  And you wonder why the dynamics are really off.

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