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DWTS 29 Week 8 Discussion Thread

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Carrie Ann thinks she can save her 1 for Kaitlyn's dance.

Can Kaitlyn please get an Argentine Tango or Contemporary? I really think she'd nail both.

Even the Facebook Moms are seething over CAI’s comments to Kaitlyn.

I feel like this was a good performance for Kaitlyn! As always, it was danced brilliantly. I do still feel like sometimes she has a tendency to look a little disconnected from the performance, but then, I think the smile was obviously a great fit for the Jive!

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Just now, Elliott said:

Artem being 100% done with CAI :wub:


1 minute ago, *Lily said:

Artem is PRESSED :dead:

He and Kaitlyn just can't win when it comes to CAI. 🙂 


Can't wait for her to praise Nelly for doing the bare minimum while finding the most miniscule things to critique Kaitlyn on. 🙂 

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13 minutes ago, ungodlyhour said:

this is gonna be hard for me to watch :( charleston felt like the perfect dance for jeannie and she was really looking forward to it! now i'm just bummed for her

Ugh yess, the Charleston would have been SO perfect for her. 😢 


10 minutes ago, *Lily said:

Aww even seeing Jeannie in the intro there makes me sad :( 

Samee. :broken: 

10 minutes ago, *Amanda said:

"Vote...for me so I can stay on the show."



Lmaoo she was hilarious on that intro. :lmao: 

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