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The Voice 19 ● Blind Auditions 3 ● Discussion


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8 minutes ago, VintageVoice said:

Excited and crossing my fingers my computer doesn't randomly shut down again mid-stream (it's been a real piece of work today).


Also lol at everyone who's "trying" to be subtle with spoilers - I see y'all and though I admit to being in the know y'all really aren't as slick as you think you are.

yeah lmao its very very obvious smh, but i do share the same sentiment that was brought up before 😆

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1 minute ago, antikid said:

happy bday!


Just now, moonlighty said:

Happy birthday! 🥳


1 minute ago, VintageVoice said:

Happy birthday! Which reminds me I gotta text my stepbrother since his is today as well.


1 minute ago, thevoicefan12 said:


awww thanks everyone 🥰

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