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Who sang "Don´t Think Twice, It´s Alright" the best?


Who sang "Don´t Think Twice, It´s Alright" the best?  

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  1. 1. Best version of the Dylan Classic:

    • Gabriel Wolfchild (S8)
    • Owen Danoff (S10)
    • Aaron Gibson (S11)
    • Sid Kingsley (S19)

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1. Sid Kingsley - Unexpectedly fantastic! Seeing the song choice had me interested because he seemed like he had a bigger voice and boy was I right. He excelled!

2. Gabriel Wolfchild - A sweet, vulnerable version that I enjoyed overall. I remember being disappointed he got montaged off.

3. Aaron Gibson - A different type of performance for Aaron that paid off for him since he got the save! I just barely found it again and I like it. A bit simple, but excusable since it was an Instant Save performance.

4. Owen Danoff - A good enough cover, but too sleepy. I never really understood the 4-chair here? It didn't capture my attention until the last 15 seconds.

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Owen Danoff because I felt so much connection to the song. 


Sid Kingsley, he has a good voice and range but I agree with what Kelly said that she was waiting for another level of vulnerability and hearing more ache. In short impressive but I can't connect.


Aaron Gibson, definitely worth the instant save. His choices of song for instant save are more familiar so people feel like it's better.


Gabriel Wolfchild, nothing special that I can see why Christina dropped him in the Battles.

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