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Pokémon Rankdown 2.0 - Submit your Top 20 Rankings (Deadline May 20th)

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I’ll just post in here just in case. I’ll need an extension until tomorrow. My computer got wet. 😭

I will need a slight extension. I’m going with mom to get her vaccine.

The fourth member of the Top 20 is… Pikachu.

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Alolan Vulpix




I'm in a rush right now so this write-up will have to be pretty later. Alolan Vulpix derives from Vulpix which is a Fire-type Pokémon introduced in Generation I. It evolves into Ninetales when exposed to a Fire Stone. In Alola, Vulpix has an Ice-type regional form. It evolves into Alolan Ninetales when exposed to an Ice Stone. It's a Gen VII Pokémon. Alolan Vulpix can be seen as a parallel to Alolan Sandshrew. Both were initially introduced in Generation I and got Alolan Forms in Pokémon Sun and Moon. Both Pokémon are Ice-types and Alolan Vulpix may be based on an Arctic fox. It's an adorable variant, but I decided to save Starmie instead.


Save: Starmie

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No offense to Zebrastrika, it's just my least favorite Pokemon of this set of noms. I love an electric Pokemon as evidenced by the fact that up until now I've only cut one this entire game and Zebrastrika is now my second. I'll get that title (cumulatively through three rankdowns at this rate). It's not that I don't like Zebrastrika but it's not a Top 100 Pokemon or a Top 10 electric type Pokemon but despite that it's managed to land in both of those lists. So congrats to its fans for taking it this far. Zebrastrika is an electric-type Pokemon first introduced in Gen V. The most I use it is in the DUMB Pokemon Gacha game Pokemon Masters where it's the signature Pokemon of Elesa. Like it's moniker "Thunderbolt Pokemon" would imply it hits fast and hard with a 116 speed and a 100 attack.


Saving: Rillaboom

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Garchomp GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY


Garchomp is a ground/dragon Pokemon from Gen IV. The Gible line is the pseudo-legendary line from this generation. I think it's a pretty great Pokemon line... my only qualm is that I think ground/dragon typing, while it makes total sense for the Gible design and concept, is kind of dull considering we just had Flygon in Gen III. That aside, Garchomp is cool. The Mega evolution is a bit busy and weird but let's be honest, all Mega evolutions are lol. Garchomp is known as the Mach Pokemon and evolves from Gabite at level 48, who comes from Gible at level 24. The line is basically land shark hahaha.. does anyone know that SNL skit??? Speaking of sharks, the designs and coloring are suspicously similar to Carvanha/Sharpedo... I wonder if there's any connection there. I have enough candies to get a Garchomp in Pokemon Go but I'm waiting because I'm still in denial that we will get a Gible Community Day which could save me sooooooo much Stardust trying to level it up. I think Garchomp has the highest CP in PoGo for a non-legendary besides Slaking. Anyway, congrats on Garchomp for making it this far, congrats to Flygon for winning the ground title, and we are one step closer to finding our Top 10 dragons.


Save: Yveltal

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Polteageist GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY


Its my least favorite of the remaining pokemon.  I wish I could have saved Zebstrika since its basically the best Gen 5 pokemon.  But at least NGM saved iconic dragon dragapult.  Polteagiest is a Gen 8 pokemon and is the evolution of Sinistea.  Its the only one that can evolve with the chipped and cracked pot items.  Poltegeist has an antique form and a phony form.  The rare version is the antique form, and only a small mark identifies it.  The antique version is super rare and you can't even find out until after you've caught it.  Its a ghost type Gen 8 pokemon, but now its eliminated.


Save: Tsareena

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I'm not a huge fan of dragon type pokemon in general (even if i'm saving one rn) but this entire line never really clicked with me for some reason. The design is fine, but does nothing for me. The type combo feels like it was created with the sole purpose of creating a fairy type punching bag out of the 2 overused pokemon types that dominate the competitive landscape (bc it has zero synergies as far as blocking any of their existing weaknesses). The abilities are meh and don't really offer that much to the entire line. It does have 2 signature moves (Clangorous Soul and Clanging Scales) but the fact that the offensive move uses it's special attack stat (which is respectable) instead of the attack stat feels like a missed opportunity. Overall it's just not a pokemon I cared about.

Save: Dragapult

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So far Articuno, Blastoise, Decidueye, Haunter, Krookodile, Piplup and Scraggy have lost their chance to make the Top 20 once again!

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Pics 🙂


On 3/4/2021 at 5:19 PM, Solaris said: 



Aerokinetic Shapeshifting | Superpower Wiki | Fandom


Gastly is the OG ghost pokemon.  He is a poison and ghost type pokemon.  I was avoiding cutting this line as I figured Dee would come back eventually, but the further in we get the less I see him coming back.  At least he still has haunter and Gengar in the game!  Gastly can be caught in Lavender town when you have the silph scope (?), I don't remember its exact name. I always caught one,  but I never used it, because Ghost type pokemon were bad in Gen 1.  a psychic type (which is was supposed to be used against), was also strong against it.  So like, sorry Sabrina would consistently own a Gastly I brought into battle. 


Save: Kubfu



On 3/5/2021 at 5:16 PM, totes4totes said:


Will come up with a gif of Skarmory after I get my samples spun down!


Skarmory was cool until Corviknight came and replaced it. Now it has to settle for being the original but less cool steel bird. I was never a huge fan of Skarmory because really aside from Lapras I am the cumbersome hashtag #TeamPokemonThatCanEvolveorHaveEvolved and Skarmory does neither. It seems like one of those Pokemon that's ripe for a Mega Evolution but it doesn't have one of those either! That kind of leaves Skarmory in a desert all its own. Since it doesn't evolve and you can get it pretty early it does have good stats for early to mid-game but its absurd defense doesn't really make for how mediocre everything else is especially with a special defense of 70 and its only weaknesses being electric and fire which feel very "special attack" oriented. It's abilities are so so. Unfortunately for Skarmory it's just been supplanted by the much more well-rounded Corviknight.


Saving Honedge (doing that favor for Nico that he's never asked for)


On 3/5/2021 at 5:20 PM, Solaris said:



Lillipup | Legends of the Multi Universe Wiki | Fandom


This pokemon is adorable, but HOW did it get this far in the rankdown?  Its one of those generic normal pokemon that is thrown in your first route of the game just give you a pokemon on your team.  Its got nothing to it!  It has bad stats for a baby pokemon, a bad move set, and the only thing it has going for it is the normal typing, which makes it only weak to fighting.  Anyway Lillipup is a Gen 5 pokemon and it evolves into Herdier at level 16 and into Stouland at 32.  I know I oofed at the Gen 5 stats when Rei posted them earlier, but there is still fodder amongst their ranks.  It really was not a great generation for new pokemon.  Stoutland is still in.... so Good-bye!


Save: Kubfu




On 3/26/2021 at 6:14 PM, totes4totes said:



I am on the outskirts of Phoenix so this will be as good a chance as any to do this write up because between here and New Mexico cell service becomes even shoddier. I don’t want to cut Flareon. But every other Pokémon I would have cut has already been cut or saved. And then there were two pages of negotiating which proceeded without me. So a lot of people got their feelings respected while mine were disregarded. Which is cool. And then others wanted me to do this cut/save earlier to keep this round moving along even though I’ll be largely with spotty cell service until tonight first and then tomorrow night. But whatever. At least when I’m gone I don’t make the game stop for 2-3 whole days.


Flareon is like my #5 Eeveelution but the gap between 5 and 6 is pretty steep. It’s one of the three OG Eeveelutions having been introduced in Gen I. In those games you get an Eevee from Bill who is stuck in a hybrid Pokemon/Human form in what is a callback to the 80s body horror movie the fly. Once you save him he gives you Eevee. You can then buy a Fire Stone in I believe Celadon City’s large department store. I can’t really Google right now. I think Flareon like all the Eeveelutions has a BST of over 500. Something pretty good. I can’t look up any specifics. 

Anyway, Flareon shouldn’t be the first Eeveelution cut. But other people got here first. So now I’m left cutting one of my favorites to save another one of my favorites. So that sucks.


Saving Gengar

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