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Pokémon Rankdown 2.0 - Cycle 15 (Trial Results)

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I’ll just post in here just in case. I’ll need an extension until tomorrow. My computer got wet. 😭

I will need a slight extension. I’m going with mom to get her vaccine.

Unfortunately, the United States of America will probably not last that long... we need to finish this rankdown today for us Americans, thanks

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  • .Rei changed the title to Pokémon Rankdown 2.0 - Cycle 14 Posted (Hayden's Noms)
9 minutes ago, .Rei said:

Top 10 Gen III Pokemon













im surprised we didnt here sooner with megan as a ranker

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I still cannot believe Jirachi was the las Mythical standing last rankdown lol

and this come from the biggest Gen III fan

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Sorry :ph34rwave: I've just never been fond of Grapploct.


lol I don't get much say since I'm the one that threw them in the ring, but my vote would be to keep Braviary over Incineroar.

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Just now, NGM said:

im surprised we didnt here sooner with megan as a ranker

I thought we already established that Megan is a secret Gen III fan

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25 minutes ago, .Rei said:

next rankdown I'm making someone pick Wailmer as a starter so I can do this



make someone pick Sentret too so we can get the Furret is as tall as a human being meme

EDIT: make everyone pick meme pokemon tbh

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On 4/5/2021 at 5:00 PM, totes4totes said:




Swablu has been HAUNTING me in this rankdown and I can only assume that it has been haunting Rei. I tried to get it cut way back when in the cycle with battles and then I had to cut Primeape even though I didn't nominate it for #reasons I won't get into here. But then I got to Pokeball swap it in and got it cut but then it was revived!!!! Why!!!!!!!!!!! I mean I know why. BK chose it as his starter and therefore he likes it but he's shown my starter no grace and now he's quit the rankdown so Swablu can FINALLY leave. It's a normal/flying type Pokemon introduced in Gen III (worse gen) and evolves into dragon/flying Altaria (worst dragon in the worst gen) and yah. It's small and cute but that's it. I'm now saving us all from having Swablu in the Top 100. Look at it flying away.


Saving: Polteageist

I looked at this thread today just to see if someone cut it. :haha:

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I am gonna take this BOLD stance: Braviary should be fighting/flying. As it is, it's normal/flying which means that it is just a big ass Pidgeot or Fearow. Oh I'm sorry Gamefreak, 500000 Normal/Flying weren't enough for you??????? Well then yes, throw in Braviary. You know how many Normal/Flying there are? 26. You know how many Fighting/Flying there are? ONE. There are 105 Flying Type Pokemon meaning that Flying/Normal make up just under 25% of them meaning that nearly 3% of all Pokemon are NORMAL/Flying. That's a lot. I want to see a LIST of how many Pokemon there are by dual-type. I bet Normal/Flying is pretty high. Anyway, you get a Braviary in Gen V. It is inspired by AMERICA. THE MOST PATRIOTIC POKEMON. It evolves from Rufflet at Level 54 and let me tell you that 510 BST isn't worth it. SURE it has 123 attack. But it's a BIG OL' PIDGEOT. Bring me back MANDIBUZZ. The SUPERIOR Gen V Bird.


You know what Pokemon shocked us all with its typing? Incineroar. SWOOPING IN WITH THAT DARK TYPING. (Even though all Pokemon could be PART FIGHTING AND I'D BE FINE).






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  • .Rei changed the title to Pokémon Rankdown 2.0 - Cycle 14 Posted (Nico's Noms)



Jigglypuff GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY


As I write this I go back and fourth between wanting to cut Charmander again and jigglypuff.  Cutting Charmander again means I get to re-use a write up, but what I really should have done is cut Oddish after that Marshadow stunt.  Oh well.  It has been no secret that I have wanted Jigglypuff out for half the game.  I have avoided it out of respect, but we're down to 100 and I don't want to cut like 4 of these noms, so I am going to go with this option.  Sorry Victoria, but at least its not pikachu? :P 


Anyway Jigglypuff is a Gen 1 normal type pokemon.  It is later given the Fairy type as well, making it a pretty defensive dual type pokemon.  Jigglypuffs a fan favorite because of its role in the anime and due to that its been included in all of the Smash Bro's games.  This pink puffball expands when its angry, and is the singing pokemon.  In the anime it draws on the characters faces everytime it puts someone to sleep.  In the game, Jigglypuff evolves from Igglybuff (a completely unneeded pokemon imo), based no happiness, and evolves into Wigglytuff with a moonstone.  All I have to say is finally.




For you hardcore Jigglypuff fans:




Save: Butterfree (only because I expect Steven will save Dragonite and Victoria will save Pikachu, and I fear Butterfree might be an easy cut for other rankers).  


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  • .Rei changed the title to Pokémon Rankdown 2.0 - Cycle 15 (Trial Results)

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